Friday, July 22, 2011

#232: Brock Lee

Brock Lee is an unimportant, local creationist in Owatonna, Minnesota, whose sole claim to fame is his sheer idiocy and the fact that his ramblings have been picked up by PZ Myers. He is apparently fond of writing letters to newspapers; for instance see here, where he claims that evolutionary biology (analytically) implies that as long as you are not having sex or are pregnant, you don’t count as a human and hence have no moral status. Because of this analytic connection, evolutionary biology is responsible for teenage pregnancies – teenagers are having sex because they wish to be human. I don’t think there is any point in trying to unravel the various layers of misunderstanding here.

He has also been involved in arranging the Minnesota Creation Science Fair.

Diagnosis: You can’t fake this. Moronic loon (Hovind-sycophant). Probably relatively harmless.


  1. Your links have extra characters in the URL's which break the links.

    In general, thanks for the ongoing effort.

    aka Minnemooseus

  2. added by edit (except I can't):

    The previous profile has the same link problems. The ones before that seems OK.


  3. That's odd. Thanks for pointing that out, fixing the links now.

  4. omg, funniest sh%t I've seen since finding the Buffalo Beast Loathsome Lists...Hopefully gonna find some gems here.

    Author have a Twitter account? I can't find it off-hand.

  5. Michelle Bachmann has taught this man well.