Sunday, January 22, 2012

#282: Glenn Moon

We’ll jump over some famous international (non-American) candidates, such as the incoherently babblingly insane loose cannon and ignoramus Viscount Monckton and the infamous virologist and Noble Prize winner Luc Montagnier, whose subsequent career has taken a slightly disconcerting turn.

Glenn Moon (not related to Sun Myung other than in spirit) may have received less attention, but he is surely no more in touch with reality. In 2009 Glenn Moon attempted to run for City Council in Livonia. You can watch a speech of his before the Livonia City Council meeting here. I am unable to discern exactly what policy he is suggesting, but in what is basically one unbroken sentence there are at least references to the police force in the 16th district and an unhealthy number of occurrences of “Heavenly Father Almighty God in name God Son Jesus Christ Lord Savior Messiah” for a single sentence. It seems to be clear that Moon thinks his speech is delivered by “world historic spiritual leader prophet of God in name Jesus Glenn Moon” (“I” is generally more elegant), and that he views it as his responsibility to “lead this world of lost human souls to eternal salvation through Jesus” (which he makes to sound uncannily like he’s suggesting a Jim Jones move). It’s all weirdly and adorably reminiscent of Dr. Bronner’s Soap.

In general his political platform seems to have been centered on abortion, littering, firing non-believers and paying city employees a salary of $1 per year plus the love of Jesus Christ.

Diagnosis: Probably in need of professional care. Relatively harmless (and no, he didn’t get elected, although I guess the existence of Michele Bachmann means that I had to point that out).


  1. The way he speaks, he sounds like he might be one of the David Wynn-Miller "correct-language" followers.