Thursday, April 19, 2012

#319: Eric Jon Phelps

No, no relation to Fred – but Eric is certainly doing his best to outcrazy his more famous namesake. Eric Jon Phelps is a sort of unholy mix of Jack Chick and Alex Jones – no, strike that; Eric Jon Phelps is crazier than either. Yes, he is. His website is here. As you can garner from his site, Phelps is most famous for his book “Vatican Assassins”. I recommend searching the webpage, since it is quite simply not possible to sum up the level of crazy in a few words. The basic idea seems to be that the pope is the guy running the Illuminati, the Thirteen Families, and therefore the world (actually, there are two – a black pope and a white pope; the black pope is the most powerful). The Jesuits are behind pretty much everything, and … Ok, here are some headlines from his webpage to give you a taster:

- “Newt Gingrich: Prince Consort of the Knights of Malta, Spellman’s Killers of JFK”
- “Israel Seizes 50 Tons of Weapons from Iranian Ship to Supply Muslims in Gaza” (yup, read it again if you missed it) 
- “Satan and His Jesuit Superior General in Rome Make Plans for the 21st Century” (look at the evidence!)
- “Japan’s Domestic Disaster: God Using Satan’s Jesuit Vatican for Two Occult Reasons” (yes, the pope’s behind that one as well): “Caution must always be exercised when considering the reasons for what appears to be ‘natural disasters’” (… cause there might be a completely insane, supernatural one)
- “UFOs: Man-Made High Technology: Weapons Enforcing Pope’s Temporal Power” (you can’t fake this)
- “White Christian Author Exposes White Mormon Glenn Beck: New Age Heretic”. According to Phelps “White Glenn Beck is presently the most dangerous man in America” (yes, the emphasis is on “white”; Phelps has some, uh, less than politically correct views about race). Calling Beck the most dangerous man in America (the commentary was made in March 2011) may not be such a bad observation. Phelps’s reasons? Not so good.
- “Red Chinese Navy: 4,000-Ton Missile Frigate Now off the Coast of Libya” [this stems from the start of the unrest]: “As repeated by your Editor for the last ten years, America is to suffer a future Sino-Soviet-Muslim Invasion”. Don your tinfoil hats! To the Bat-zapper!
- “Majority Black Savagery Continues Unabated in Apostate Protestant White America”: Phelps “distinguishes between the Majority Savage Blacks and the Minority Civil Blacks—many of whom are my brethren in Christ Jesus,” (don’t ask) and laments the fact that when “a White man attempts to deal objectively [sic] with the topic of Majority Savage Black-on-White or Black-on-Hispanic crime, he runs the rise [sic] of being labeled a ‘hateful racist’”. Indeed. (Follow-up here)

Phelps also thinks everyone else in the looniverse, from Alex Jones to Leonard Horowitz to Jeff Rense are really Vatican agents. Daryl Bradford Smith and others, on the other hand, thinks Phelps is in on the “real” conspiracy, since he is a “Zionist promoter, Israeli diamond merchant, new ager and white separatist”. Goodness knows what would count as falsifying evidence for these people.

Phelps also defends a geocentric universe, sort of to top it all off. You can listen to Phelps debate Michael Collins Piper about who is really controlling the world here (not recommended); or read an interview with Rick Martin here (their discussion of Saddam concerns this)

Diagnosis: Time Cube insane. Eric Phelps seems to be trying to believe every false and crazy belief one could conceivably believe at the same time. This is certainly an interesting principle for building what amounts to an anti-coherent belief system. Reality be damned.


  1. Good exposure. However, unlike you, I strongly recommend Michael Collins Piper's debate with Phelps in which the latter gets his head handed to him.

  2. The issue with his book "Vatican Assassins" is that the Vatican has a long history of people, including "liberal" Popes, disappearing or having a sudden case of the deaths by "natural causes." First to pop up is John Paul I. He came into the Palpacy as a reformer, especially to reform the church's policy on banking, and died of a heart attack a few weeks later. His doctor said he was in good health, and the nun who found the pope dead made a vow of silence to not talk about what she knew, if anything. Of course, JPI could have had a heart attack that killed him, his doctor could have missed something, and the nun could just be keeping his secrets. But we will never know until the Vatican decides to let that information out. Unlikely, seeing how they view freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

  3. I don't really know this guy. But Abraham Lincoln himself wrote about how the Jesuits were behind much of the conflicts in the world. He believed they had tried to assassinate him, and wrote that they were still trying to do so. Thomas Wilkes Booth was a Catholic convert.