Friday, July 6, 2012

#341: Mark Ryland

With the recent demise of “memory of water” woo-meister Rustum Roy, it seems that the three musketeers of woo have been reduced to two. Since Roy disqualified himself for an entry, we’ll move back to the creationists. Yet again.

Mark Ryland is former vice-president and fellow of the Dicovery Institute. He seems to have been responsible for hiring the PR firm Creative Response Concepts (that’s the organization behind Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the Republican National Committee, the Christian Coalition, and the Contract With America), and for pushing the NY Times publication of an idiotic anti-science essay (“Finding Design in Nature”) by Cardinal Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna and medieval troll, criticizing neo-Darwinism and positivism. The incident was apparently counted a PR success by the Institute. It tells you a lot about what their creationist campaigns have to do with science.

You can catch Ryland lying through his teeth here.

Diagnosis: The epitome of honesty, integrity and understanding of scientific methodology, Ryland must be lauded for his ardent efforts to discuss science in an informed, unbiased manner. At least that’s the idea. Delusional madman.

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