Monday, July 9, 2012

#342: Mike Salla

 The Australian-born, erstwhile international politics scholar Michael Emin Salla is perhaps the world’s leading expert on exopolitics. Yes, exopolitics – the political issues concerning aliens, their relationship to humans, political relationships between various types of aliens, why our governments keep their existence and doings secret, what our governments are really up to, what happened to Atlantis, how to heal yourself with quantum holograms, and how to convince people that Stargate is a documentary shot in real time. Imagine the dumbest and most hilariously insane science fiction/conspiracy plots you can think of, and you are not even remotely close to the absurd insanity of what Salla mistakes for the real world (website here). You can read a pretty detailed explanation, and a set of recommendations, in his “Responding to extraterrestrial infiltration of clandestine organizations embedded in military, intelligence and government departments” here. Other research papers are here. I don’t recommend “False Flag Operations, 9-11 and the Exopolitical Perspective”  or “Are Celestials assisting Humanity in Relations with Extraterrestrial Life”, and in particular not “An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq” (Ok; you have to read that one). In fact, Salla sent a letter to al-Jazeera in 2005 warning them about “the possibility of alien intervention in order to prevent a nuclear attack on Iran by the United States of America”. Lots of Kennedy shooting material there as well for those who wish to take their conspiracies just a couple of steps further into the beyond. You can find a critical assessment of Salla here, although this particular criticism somehow fails to get it quite right.

Salla’s most recent academic position was in Washington at American University, Center for Global Peace. The Center does not want to be associated with Salla’s exopolitics.

For his speculations Salla relies, to a certain extent, on testimonies from heroes or garbled rants from madmen with self-published books (Sitchin, Icke, and so on), but much of it seems to spring straight from his own powers of imagination. It seems both of these sources of data fall under what he calls “independent sources". 

In fact, Salla invented exopolitics. His first book claimed that a 1954 dentist appointment by President Eisenhower was a cover for a secret meeting with extraterrestrials; the president “met with two ETs with white hair, pale blue eyes and colorless lips” (what UFO enthusiasts call “Nordics”). These aliens “offered to share their superior technology and their spiritual wisdom with Ike if he would agree to eliminate America's nuclear weapons”. Eisenhower declined the offer because he had already agreed with another race of aliens that they could take livestock and humans with them for the purposes of experiments; these aliens have at present taken “millions” of humans. Salla had to admit that the evidence was “found by him on the Internet”. In terms of the different ET races we have the “‘good shepherd’ ETs [including] the Greys from Zeta Reticulum, Tall Greys (from Orion), Reptilians (Earth based), Draco-Reptilians from Orion, and the Anunnaki (giant humanoids from Nibiru” – yes, that Nibiru). Former Canadian minister of Defence Paul Hellyer is a fan.

Salla’s main concern is that governments should be open about their dealings with aliens to gain insights into their superior knowledge of energy and so on, and that mankind should make peaceful, open and lawful dealings with these civilizations. He travels around spreading the message, for instance at the fifth X-Conference event in Maryland (among the attendees here were (in addition to Salla and, of course, Edgar Mitchell) 2008 Utah Congressional Candidate Joseph Buchman, hypnotherapist Rebecca Hardcastle, AlfredWebre, and US Air Force pilot Milton Tores).

Among the important results of his research on Manipulative Extraterrestrials and mind control technologies, is his and John Lash’s idea that Alzheimer’s is a side effect of an alleged interference in human cognitive functions. John Lash's research, if you ever wondered, focuses on Pagan Gnostics, and he has “documented” the gnostics’ discovery of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Pagan Gnostics is a constituency of Manipulative Extraterrestrials that apparently has played a key role in an alleged agenda of mind control against humankind, such as the “archons”. The archons are apparently what causes Alzheimer’s. Or something. See, what Lash and Salla do is very important. Their contribution is assessed here. It should be rather easy to appreciate the irony of Salla and Lash speculating about cognitive impairments.

Diagnosis: Utterly immune to reason, rationality and reality, Salla wears his tinfoil crown with pride. He’s probably harmless enough.

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