Monday, October 3, 2016

#1727: Laura Henderson

In a not very surprising turn of events, when two young girls disappeared from Evansdale, Iowa, in 2012 (we don’t know the outcome of the case, unfortunately) and a $50,000 reward was offered, the local sheriff’s department was swamped with calls from psychics who wanted to help (but who were presumably uninterested in the money). Apparently, they received over 80 tips from alleged psychic mediums claiming to know the girls’ location, and, as the chief deputy laconically put it, “no two are having the same vision I guess you could say.” Self-proclaimed psychic Laura Henderson of Cedar Rapids, however, admitted that “no psychic can answer every question,” but “certainly you can get impressions, if someone’s alive their energy comes across stronger and feels different to a psychic in terms of how it comes across.” That would of course help explain the discrepancy between the different wild guesses visions. Of course, we all know that if one of them by coincidence guessed correctly, Henderson would take it as proof that psychic abilities exist and are useful.

In addition to fortune telling, Henderson’s website also offers home inspection and energy cleansing services: “Negative energies are out there! Learn how to protect yourself psychically, as well as how to develop your own psychic abilities and start tuning in to the energy all around us!!

Diagnosis: One of very many such people across the US and it is only coincidence and misfortune that we found Laura Henderson. Blame it on the negative energies.

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