Monday, February 20, 2017

#1794: Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson is a pro-life activist working with Coalition for Life. She received some attention when joining the movement, since she had previously worked for Planned Parenthood. After her resignation – ostensibly after watching an abortion, but her conversion story doesn’t quite hold up even under cursory scrutiny; Focus on the Family nevertheless wants to turn her story into a movie – she started claiming that her bosses had pressured her to increase profits by performing more and more abortions at the clinic (an easily disproven lie) and that she “was a director at an abortion clinic where we sorted through piles of babies to harvest arms and legs for sale,” since being opposed to abortion for moral reasons is not enough: there also has to be a callous conspiracy going on. And who do you think is behind it all? Yes, that’s right: Planned Parenthood is working with the devil himself.

According to Johnson Planned Parenthood has abortion “quotas” and requires their staff to “coerce” women and minors into having abortion. In 2011 she also supported Live Action’s “potential sex traffic” hoax video attack on Planned Parenthood. Johnson, of course, fell for it hook and sinker because it would serve her agenda.

Diagnosis: As we’ve said before it is possible to have a serious debate about the morality of abortion. But lunatic conspiracy theorists like Abby Johnson are not part of that debate. Loud and crazy, but she has many fans.


  1. I am very skeptical about Ms. Johnson's claims, but it seems that she has to make these crazy claims in order to embellish her case, and there are people who are credulous enough to buy. She also doesn't mention something which I am sure she knows, and that is PP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. They don't make money on their services, but people like Ms. Johnson knowingly spread this misinformation.

  2. What the hell would anyone do with the arms & legs of the unborn? Is there a booming business for in utero limb grafts?

  3. Yes, because you, who have never been a PP director, know so much more than she. . .