Thursday, August 3, 2017

#1879: John Lear

The Internet has provided fantastic opportunities for the totally unhinged to provide color and joy in the form of the most deranged but fantastic, meth-dream-style conspiracy theories, and elaborate pastel metaphysical schemes that rival late-Medieval, neo-platonic theology in ornamentation and elaboration (though not in rigor, mind).

People like John Lear. Lear is associated with something called the Pegasus Research Consortium, and has apparently become something of a person of note in the so-called “dark side” community; he used to be a pilot, and once flew an aircraft for a CIA-linked company, which makes him virtually an insider to the world of conspiracies as his readers see things (and they certainly see things). Here are nebulous shadow governments controlling the world and the international drug trade, manufacturing AIDS and various other population-control schemes, and stalking their critics with black helicopters, all (possibly) for the purpose of turning Earth (and other planets) into slave labor camps. And their plans will be realized with the help of evil extraterrestrials (the “grays”, mostly – according to Lear, they seem to be little more than robots) with whom the governments have been colluding.

Much of the Pegasus Research Consortium’s webpage The Living Moon (which helpfully reveals immediately by its design what kind of website it is) is devoted to various anomalies, in particular lunar anomalies. Lear claims, based on blobsquatches and pareidolia, that there are trees and plants on the moon, as well as secret government bases – “seeing” what Lear sees in the images requires … a bit of imagination (to put things diplomatically); Lear himself seems to have a very well-trained eye for these things. Bob Lazar (hi Bob!) seems to be a contributor to the site, too.

They do other “anomalies” as well, including cryptozoology and out-of-place artifacts like the magnificent Wedge of Aiud, which is ostensibly a piece of some extraterrestrial or future (time-travelled) technology beyond our wildest dreams reportedly found in the vicinity of some mastodon bones in Romania in 1974. In reality, the Wedge of Aiud is, based on shape and construction material and metallurgical tests, consistent with being a tooth from a modern-day excavator bucket. But people willing to consider the former hypothesis tend to have priors that allow them to neglect the second hypothesis in favor of “the fact that the shape and characteristic of this object are [they aren’t] strikingly similar with the landing gear of a drone or special [sic] robot” of kinds that still only exist in fantasies and imaginations formed to fit the look of the “artifact”.

They also provide “esoteric wisdom”, in the section of the site called “the cosmic wisdom of the ancients”, which provides resources on everything and anything from “faerie secrets” (no, really – they have articles on how to spot and interact withfaeries; Lear sees them aplenty in blobs in photographs) to “holy graal [sic] secrets” (yes, it’s the holy grail bloodline, familiar from cutting-edge documentaries like the Da Vinci Code or Preacher – it runs through the Knights Templars to modern-day, Illuminati-controlled shadow governments), remote viewing (here is “Remote viewing Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers saving the World from destroying itself in 2012”), levitation (yes!), numerology, pyramid woo, astral projection and alchemy (most of the alchemy articles were written before 1600; such wisdom ages like fine wine). Claims the site: “Mainstream Academia has often in the past brushed this off as occult nonsense, witchcraft and pure fabrication, but recent policy has changed. Many modern Universities are studying Sacred Geometry, The Secrets of the Pyramid and other Ancient Arts.” We don’t think John Lear has been affiliated with academia in a while, if ever.

There is an interview with John Lear by Art Bell here.

Diagnosis: Probably harmless. Indeed, it is a bit unclear to us precisely what Lear actually believes about the stuff he is covering, but he doesn’t seem to care about its trustworthiness either, and that’s good enough for us.

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