Sunday, November 19, 2017

#1925: Steve Malzberg

We can’t be bothered with more than a brief note on this one. Steve Malzberg is the host of The Steve Malzberg Show, a cable news and opinion show on Newsmax TV, and a standard wingnut of the kind who claims that Obama was disturbingly like a tyrant for implementing Obamacare, and speculates that Hillary was gravely ill during her campaign because she wore “a long coat with black pants” while addressing an event in Nantucket. For the most part, however, Malzberg’s contribution to lunacy consists of giving opportunities for other wingnuts, including truthers, racists, conspiracy theorists and rambling lunatics to say crazy things. As a good wingnut himself, Malzberg has little time for science, and is, of course, a climate change denialist (that Obama is not, is further evidence that he was in danger of becoming a tyrant). In 2014, Malzberg himself argued that Honeymaid was in danger of incurring the wrath of 95% of the population in virtue of an ad featuring a homosexual couple, and in 2013 that the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” is a tool of the feminists.

Malzberg has also urged wingnuts to create conservative alternatives to popular websites that he thinks have a liberal bias: “We need a conservative Facebook, a conservative Google, a conservative Twitter,” said Malzberg; presumably he had in mind something like this.

He has also toyed with anti-vaccine ideas (for instance when defending Rand Paul’s anti-vaccine comments, and proudly described his reluctance to get his teenage son an HPV vaccine because he had bought into conspiracy theories to the effect that the HPV vaccine is dangerous (thoroughly debunked). Said Malzberg, “I’m not going to vaccinate my kid so that some female won’t get cervical cancer maybe when she’s 60 years old.”

Here Malzberg ties the Ferguson protests to Islamic extremism in the Middle East, accusing the Obama administration of sympathizing with the “grievances” of both Hamas and the Ferguson protestors, creating, as Malzberg put it, “a bizarre world of sorts.” The word “bizarre” is certainly appropriate.

Diagnosis: Wingnut and conspiracy theorist, though his primary role is to broadcast batshit insanity dropping from the mouths of other lunatics. As such, he must – as an enabler of intellectual shit shoveling – be counted as a significant threat to society and civilization.

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