Monday, November 27, 2017

#1929: Evan Mantel

Evan Mantel works for the wingnut Media Research Center, which is exactly what you think it is and has absolutely nothing to do with research (a corollary of Badger’s Law). Bigotry is a central part of their (religious fundamentalism-based) creed, of course, and they are notoriously occupied with and concerned about positive depictions in the media or on television of groups of people they don’t like, especially gay people.

The danger of such positive depictions led Mantel to write about the Modern Family episode where Cam and Mitch got engaged, to try (and miserably fail) to explain why this show is so dangerous: You see, Mantel admits that the episode “moved me like a good art is supposed to do. But that’s the problem. It moved me.” Indeed, and despite his affiliation, he admits that Modern Familymade me feel joy for Cam and Mitchell after the Supreme Court over-ruled California’s Prop 8,” and those feelings are “what makes this show great. And dangerous. It relies on feelings which mislead.” According to Mantel, “there is no logical argument in favor of gay marriage,” just the “sweetness” and “touching” feelings, which he wants viewers to remember is “not a realistic portrayal of reality.” No, Mantel didn’t think long and hard about this. Thinking is apparently not his strong suit.

Diagnosis: Bigot.

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