Tuesday, March 6, 2018

#1975: Mike McManus

Michael McManus is the wingnut author of the syndicated opinion column “Ethics & Religion”, which appears in several publications, and the founder and president of Marriage Savers, an anti-legal-divorce sideshow that apparently purports to prepare couples for marriage but primarily opposes the legality of no-fault divorce (details here). McManus claims that in most circumstances “divorce should only be granted if there is ‘mutual consent’ by husband and wife. What was entered into by two people, should not be ended, unless both people agree.” McManus is probably most famous for being one of three media figures to accept money from the Bush administration for targeted public endorsements of government policy. The “ethics” part in the title of his column apparently refers to some kind of liberal conspiracy.

McManus is also anti-gay, having argued that LGBT relationships are “sordid”, “tawdry”, “lewd” and “perversionand that gay people were “largely molested” as kids, apparently in an attempt to take what he considers the moral high ground in the “debate”. He is thus naturally opposed to same-sex marriage and, really, any kind of legal recognition of same-sex relationships, pointing out that recognizing such relationships are tyrannizing him (“the tyranny of unelected judges redefining marriage,” says McManus) and that gay people really want to “destroy the institution of marriage”, a claim that is directly contradicted by, you know, gay people’s attempts to make gay marriages possible. Also, there are so few gay people that want to get married that no one should really care or bother to support it anyways. But the attempts should also be quashed because gay marriage is tyranny, remember. Moreover, same-sex parenting is “harmful to children”, and if it wasn’t before at least McManus is going to do his best to ensure it is harmful now (he didn’t actually explicitly say that last part).

In fact, according to McManus battles over gay marriage are really taking focus away from what really matters: single mothers. McManus has argued that the government should simply tell single mothers who cohabitate with a partner that they will lose government support if they don’t get married. Porn addiction is a problem, too.

Diagnosis: The kind of guy Bryan Fischer listens to. Crazy, incoherent, bigoted lunatic.

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