Tuesday, March 20, 2018

#1983: Trace McNutt

Trace McNutt is the proud recipient of the 2013 Voice of the Voiceless’s prestigious “Courage Award”, awarded during he VoV Ex-Gay Awareness Month festivities. McNutt was ostensibly a former “Satanic Drag Queen” who got lured into drag upon learning that “the rock stars and the royalty of the gay world were the drag queens” and was promptly transformed into “an alien, sexual deviant creation … satanic version of a drag queen.” Subsequently McNutt putatively learned that homosexuality was a choice and turned ex-gay activist. Well, McNutt later admitted that he wasn’t quite “healed” of his homosexuality. “We know God heals some and others he doesn’t,” said McNutt; “for me, the thorn remains …. Not all homosexuals get delivered of the same-sex attraction.”

Diagnosis: Mostly a sad affair. The entry should really be interpreted as calling out the VoV; now that’s some bigoted crazy.

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  1. I didn't come here for the comedy but, ...ha hahahahaha....yeesh.