Friday, April 13, 2018

#1996: Geoff Metcalf

Geoff Metcalf is an author, writer, columnist, (formerly) radio talk show host, and editor of He was also heavily involved in the development of the WND – their first columnist apart from Joseph Farah, in fact – and involved in the founding of NewsMax. His CV also includes being a recipient of the NRA Defender of Freedom Award and Eagle Forum’s Media Person of the Year 2000.

As an utterly unhinged conspiracy theorist, Metcalf has been toying with a variety of nonsensical drivel. In his interview (here) with hysterical anti-vaccine advocate and conspiracy theorist Michael Belkin (promptly archived by, for instance, even Belkin had to steer the conversation away from some of the conclusions Metcalf seemed eager to draw, such as Metcalf’s constants attempts to push a government conspiracy to poison American soldiers (“Agent Orange, the Gulf War Syndrome victims and guys who had problems with the anthrax vaccine. There is a common thread here”) and, in particular, global warming denialism. Science is a government conspiracy to ruin America and suchlike. And make no mistake, Metcalf is hardcore antivaccine.

The conspiracies are presumably led by some nebulous forces attempting to institute a one world government, and although Metcalf appears to realize that “[a]ny suggestion that [globalism] amounts to ‘world government’ or ‘tyranny’ brings with it the risk of being pegged as a conspiracy nut,” he doesn’t quite grasp why such pegging is justified.

Want to bet on whether Metcalf is a creationist, too? Of course he is. I suppose it should come as little surprise given that he has already established that science is a vast, liberal, government conspiracy.

Diagnosis: Wild, unhinged, rabid madman. There are many like him, and they seem to tend to listen to each other, whipping each other up into more and more frenzied delusions.

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