Tuesday, November 10, 2020

#2404: Hilary White & Gerard Nadal

Hilary White and Gerard Nadal are fiercely fundamentalist, anti-choice and anti-gay Catholics writing for LifeSiteNews, a fiercely fundamentalist, anti-choice and anti-gay Catholic website that we have already had the opportunity to describe

White is perhaps particularly notable for her opposition to feminism, seeing feminism both as an expression and a cause of “our poisoned and dying western culture”. And there is no end to the ills for which feminism is to be blamed. For instance, when Francesco Schettino, the notorious captain of the Costa Concordia, was arrested in Italy for “manslaughter, failure to offer assistance and abandonment of the ship” after the Costa Concordia accident in 2015, White argued that the people really to blame for Schettino’s actions were feminist women, since feminist women have corrupted men and “killed the cultural priority of men protecting and being responsible for women” (like men protect and are responsible for other pieces of property they own). “By telling women they don’t need men, by demonizing the value of masculinity, feminism has at the same time told men that they never need to grow up,” wrote White, taking it to be evidence for the imminent, feminism-caused end of Western civilization. Other articles by White include “Divorce: the proto-sin to launch a Sexual Revolution” and “ ‘Gay marriage’ a Marxist utopian dream divorced from reality: Vatican newspaper” (framed as a neutral report on what some other, Italian newspaper was claiming, but come on). 


Nadal, meanwhile, is a biologist and president and CEO of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, which falsely claims that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer. Nadal might however be most famous for his unhinged anti-gay screeds, in which he uses whatever he can to paint homosexuality as a character flaw and homosexual people as morally corrupt. In 2011, Nadal also called for Catholic Democratic Politicians to be excommunicated en masse for their support for marriage equality.


Diagnosis: Yes, yet another two examples of fundie-based hatred and evil. Relatively obscure, perhaps, but worth mentioning all the same.

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