Monday, April 11, 2022

#2529: Amy Becker

Health Choice is an antivaccine group lead by a range of second-tier antivaccine activists, including Mark Blaxill, Wayne Rohde, Teresa Conrick, Mary Holland, Kim Rossi, John Stone, Jennifer Larson, and Anne Dachel. Amy Becker is another one.


Now, we haven’t been able to determine much concerning Becker’s background, but she was at least a co-author with Mark Blaxill on a Health Choice-produced ‘Lessons from the Lockdown’ report, in which they tried to imply that vaccines lead to SIDS (it demonstrably doesn’t; quite the reverse, though it is a favorite antivaxx delusion) based on the reduction in cases of SIDS during the COVID-19 pandemic. A rather obvious weakness with the claim, is that they they didn’t actually look at data on SIDS deaths; instead, they looked at (incomplete statistics on) total deaths among children and teens and just assumed that a reduction in cases of SIDS was a cause of the provisional reduction and didn’t take into account the role of social distancing or reductions in accidental deaths during the lockdown. “Feeble” doesn’t even begin to describe the effort. But yes, they conclude that the reduction in total deaths among children and teens are due to lower immunization rates. There’s a detailed response to their nonsense here.


Diagnosis: Idiot.

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