Wednesday, January 25, 2023

#2610: Timothy Buchanan

Self-righteousness, lunacy and bigotry are a common combination. If Timothy Buchanan has a slightly original take, it might be a particularly significant dose of melodrama thrown into the mix. Then again, Buchanan is hardly the only deranged wingnut who predicted that the Supreme Court overturning the ban on gay marriage would lead to civil war. “It would be difficult to see how the wrong decision here will not result in a second American civil war”, which tells you more about Buchanan’s powers of perception than anything else, really. Apparently, the decision would “be correctly viewed by Christians as an openly belligerent affront to religious liberty” (no, he doesn’t really understand or care about religious liberty) because what gay marriage is really about is “homo-fascists” seeking “the abolition of religious freedom in America” for the purpose of destroying “those of us who oppose their dangerous and deadly desires.” Gay activists will also, asserted Buchanan, destroy the family unit, leading to violent outbursts like those in Baltimore and Ferguson, which were expressions of “the destruction that results from a breakdown in families” rather than what those protests were actually, you know, protesting.


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Timothy Buchanan is a fundie conspiracy theorist, author and regular contributor toBarbWire, where he mostly fumes against gay marriage and other expressions of what he perceives as godlessness (mostly anyone who and anything that disagrees with him on politics), and he is generous with melodrama: According to Buchanan, “America is no longer worthy of the lives offered to defend it” since “no honorable person risks his life so that transvestites can parade around in public and impose their debauchery on innocent children and women” (yes, a premise is that transgender people are not really fully humans in any morally significant way. That is telling.) In connection with Senator Kennedy’s retirement, Buchanan pronounced that[a]pproval of abortion and promotion of homosexual perversity are a repulsive stench in the nostrils of God and those of his people [which accordingly doesn’t include homosexuals and those who disagree with him]. These national sins may soon be eradicated.”


And responding to the 2016 Orlando nightclub massacre, Buchanan urged members of the LGBT community to go back into the closet and stop provoking people to commit violent acts: “Flaunting gross immorality and defiant wickedness that is hideous, odious and wretched to an overwhelming majority of people is a foolish and dangerous course of action.” He’s a peach, isn’t he? All that Jesus-like love! Diversity, said Buchanan, is destroying American culture and society, along with the liberal policies of the “evil” Democratic Party and its support for “murder, sexual depravity, lust and rebellion” (and to emphasize: “there is no such thing as a Christian-Democrat. There is no way to defend the godless policies of the Left under cover of Christian compassion, deceitful ideals of social justice, inclusion, or other kinds of double-speak”). He also said that places like Russia and Afghanistan “are infinitely more moral than our own”. He has a funny interpretation of ‘moral’.


After the Supreme Court had issued its gay marriage ruling, Buchanan judged it to befar worse than September 11”, saying that it could only lead to God’s judgment or all-out war. “The rabid LGBT minions are coming after your treasure, your children and grandchildren, and even your very soul,” wrote Buchanan wrote, while decrying the “new seductive and sinister Tylenol commercial” that featured gay couples. It’s at least an interesting choice of words (‘seductive’) that suggests a new and very tragic interpretation of what Buchanan is actually trying to do.


Diagnosis: Fuming bigot. Very angry, and very confused.


  1. Hey, Tim? Some people don't share your faith. That's called freedom, not religious persecution. Hard to believe, I know....

  2. This guy any relation to Pat Buchanan?
    Sounds like he agrees with ol' Pat.

    1. I've wondered about that, too. I haven't found anything.

  3. With such crazy religtard idiots (and Murica has a lot of them, see below previous names on this blog) you can suddenly find yourself in the "wonderful world" of theocracy.

    (If you look these days at the closest ally of the US, namely Israel, one can see how things can go. If seculars and atheists in this country don't raise their voices against those religtard morons, Israel can very soon mirror their archenemy Iran. As one of the American Jewish bloggers [Paul Mendlowitz] I follow says: "Stuffing your belief system down the throats of 90% of the population is a theocracy, not a democracy. Imagine if these lunatics get to override the judicial system!"

    1. And here's something (wise stuff methinks) to read in connection with my above comment:

    2. I do not know what's wrong with this links, but here's another try:

  4. You may want to reconsider the cartoon that's posted. It might be considered by those on the left side of the street as "racist"!!!

  5. "there is no such thing as a Christian-Democrat..."

    Well, he's right here, in some strange, awkward way, but he is unaware of it (ignoring the rest of his sentence coz it is nonsensical).

    You can't be a Christian & at the same time a (liberal-) Democrat. You are either this or that. If someone thinks he's both, he/she lives in illusion.

    Here in Europe (especially in the eastern part of the continent), most of the so-called Christian-Democratic parties are too close to populist-nationalist-fascist scum or are the same as the first.

    As I write in one of my comments two months ago on a Hungarian website (on their own Facebook page) -


    "There's nothing "democratic" in Christianity. If it were so we would celebrate two thousand years of democracy by now. Christian democracy is an oxymoron like e.g. organized chaos. Believing in a 3-in-1 god-Jeebus is not a "value" it's an idiotic delusion. But sometimes delusions, like Christianity (or any other religious cult), make otherwise intelligent people stupid."