Thursday, April 20, 2023

#2639: Gina Carano

We harbor a distaste for celebrity loons, but apparently some people still feel that celebrities have something interesting to say in virtue of being celebrities, at least insofar as the celebrities in question say stuff they already agree with; celebrities are, in fact, often in a position to reach wide audiences with their bullshit. Accordingly, we are compelled to mention some of them. Gina Carano, for instance.


Gina Joy Carano is a former mixed martial artist and actress, perhaps most widely known for her appearances in The Mandalorian and subsequent spat with Disney due to her being a gibbering lunatic and bigot – and like so many wingnut assholes, she is both paranoid and melodramatic, having predictably reacted to pushback against and criticism of her political views by likening being a conservative in the US today to Nazi genocide of Jewish people. Among the offending claims are repeated promotion of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, where Carano has alleged – with no more evidence than Donald Trump – massive voter fraud.


Carano is also known for her COVID-denialism, and her fallout with various Hollywood projects was largely due to her refusing to follow various COVID-19 measures. And of course there are conspiracy theories afoot; indeed, Carano believes that the war in Ukraine is a government conspiracy to control the public through fear, and was started because they had lost control of the covid narrative” (a “scripted reality show sacrificing innocent lives for unquenchable greed”). Yes, the US Democrats (it is always about the US) is really controlling Russia, and can easily force Putin to start a war to help them wag the dog when they are backed up against the wall by a couple of deranged wingnut conspiracy theorists like Carano. (It’s of course not the only conspiracy theory she’s been pushing.)


And yes, she is, of course, anti-vaccine.


Diagnosis: Tiresomely predictable and nonsensical. It’s hard to gauge her influence, though, given that most of the dingbats rallying to her support are already part of the tinfoil hat brigade, but she sure doesn’t make any positive contribution.


  1. What to expect from an MMA fighter or whatever she is or not?

    To propagate Aristotle's "Metaphysics" or Boethius's "Consolation of philosophy "? Or what?

    (What is "MMA" anyways, I ask seriously. I know something, but I don't understand what's so "existing" to see someone's brain out of the head on an arena floor. Are Roman gladiators slave managers active again or what?)

    1. Thank you.

      I know that but my question was a bit rhetorical. I think it's obvious. My point is what kind of people are those who attend these "arts". How can someone enjoy such a bloody "sport"? Not to mention the "artists". What kind of pleasure is it to afflict some other people the physical pain? But maybe I'm an "oldtimer" and do not understand modern entertainment.

      Table tennis is a better sport. Make ping & (sometimes) pong, not war!!!

  2. "existing"


    It should say: exciting.

  3. I was out of work for three weeks because I got sick with Covid, so I must be part of the conspiracy.