Thursday, June 1, 2023

#2651: Andrea Catsimatidis

Andrea Catsimatidis is the chair of the Manhattan Republican Party since 2017 and a successful businesswoman in virtue of having had important positions in businesses owned by her billionaire father. Described as a “rising GOP star”, Catsimatidis has been a strident promoter of 2020 election conspiracy theories; already in November 2020, she askedIs Joe Biden planning a coup by trying to create his own parallel government?”, and later she asserted that “Corporate America helped rig the election.” After January 6, she was quick to forward debunked claims that Antifa activists were among the rioters (“I’m questioning the intelligence of anyone who didn’t think ANTIFA was involved. It’s so obvious!!!”), responding to criticism by asserting that her aim was to ensure all the evidence was considered so attackers could be brought to justice. That is a lie, of course. (It’s also worth noting that similar conspiracy theories were promoted by her billionaire father, climate change denialist John Catsimatidis).


Catsimatidis was not particularly sympathetic to the 2023 Manhattan district indictment of Trump either.


Diagnosis: Yes, a village idiot conspiracy theorist; Qanon conspiracies and rants against the elites (“they”) are standard fare among wingnut New York socialite billionaires, too. We have no doubts Catsimatidis has a bright political future ahead of her.


  1. Can we please stop calling them "conspiracy theorists?" After all, conspiracies have a basis in fact. I prefer "conspiracy loon."

  2. Conspiracies have a basis in fact? You better watch it NightTrain, GD will banish you from this site with that kind of talk!

    1. A fact is that which can be demonstrably proven, not that which you desperately want to be true. Guess which version this blog embraces and your ilk doesn't?

    2. Good save. Maybe GD will let you slide!

    3. Conspiracies have to be looked at on the evidence.
      Good example, the Tuskegee fiasco.
      Evidence was found that it is true.
      On the other hand, QAnon has been shown over and over to be a wild rumor with nothing to back it up.