Sunday, June 4, 2023

#2652: Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari is an anti-vaccine activist and reality-TV star, with all the medical and scientific expertise that comes with that background, as well as an author of woo-inspired cookbooks and a wellness-oriented autobiography. Jay Cutler is a (former) sports personality (formerly) married to Cavallari. In 2014, the couple drew criticism for refusing to vaccinate their children due to alleged and easily refuted claims of a connection between childhood vaccination and autism, which the couple had convinced themselves was real based on perusing various conspiracy theory and pseudoscience websites (Mayer Eisenstein’s is a likely suspect). “We’re making the best decision for our kids,” said Cavallari falsely, unable to fathom the possibility that being able to give birth and being famous for being famous doesn’t automatically make you an expert on making medical decisions (she’s hardly alone in missing that simple distinction). “I’ve read too many books about autism and the studies,” Cavallari also said, even though she has most certainly not ever read a single medical study.


Instead of vaccinating them, Cavallari apparently fed her newborn babies a homemade formula that included goat milk, which is not merely the wannabe-eccentric antics of a self-obsessed crunchy snowflake but demonstrably dangerous. Apparently, Cavallari based her decision on what to feed her children on whether the product in question was organic, natural and pure.


In addition to his work as an anti-vaccine activist, Cutler has also done (related) work as a MAGA activist, and has been a firm proponent of Donald Trump’s 2020 election fraud conspiracy theories.


Diagnosis: Now, who the f**k cares what celebrities think about medicine or science, you may ask. Well, a lot of people do, and stupid gits like Kristin Cavallari gets a lot of attention for her stupid choices. Cavallari’s vapid ghost-written garbage books sold in droves, and yes: it is hard to fathom what people could possibly hav thought they got out of them, but again: apparently they did.


  1. According to Wikipedia they are divorced now. No word on who got custody of the healing crystals or the children's past lives.

  2. Jay Cutler: lousy quarterback, even worse human being.