Tuesday, November 28, 2023

#2708: Josh Cornett

Josh Cornett is a Twitter troll who describes himself as “proudly blocked” by several journalists and political Twitter accounts. He should, as such, be completely insignificant, but he also seems to have been the origin of a number of ridiculous, QAnon-related conspiracy theories – apparently some other Twitter users thinks the incoherent mix of paranoia and hate Cornett posts are worth distributing (OK: so many of those who listen to him may be bots). Here is one, constructed out of thin air and Cornett’s apparent hatred of women. Cornett has also, at various times, promoted the Pizzagate conspiracy theory (with illuminating tweets like “Pizzagate is not fake. The backlash by the MSM is a frantic reaction to their secrets being uncovered #CNN is #Fakenews”) and various standard QAnon nonsense.


Diagnosis: A decently illustrative example of the curd of the sludge, and he does have an audience of delusional conspiracy theorists, idiots, bots and corrosive boogalooers. Not entirely harmless.

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