Wednesday, February 7, 2024

#2732: Pete D'Abrosca

Pete D’Abrosca is a wingnut extremist, political commentator and failed (due to incompetence) 2020 North Carolina congressional candidate. D’Abrosca is the kind of guy who claims that conservatives should “strip every Democrat of their committee assignments the minute they take back the House simply for being liberals, which should be criminalized” because freedom. His dislike of liberals is in fact so great that he bragged about how he wouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine solely to make the liberals mad. “My logic, as usual, is impeccable,” said D’Abrosca. It isn’t. D’Abrosca has also frequently written posts boosting the “died suddenly” anti-vaccine conspiracy theory.


Predictably, D'Abrosca is very concerned with LGBT grooming in American schools. He is also concerned with race issues; D’Abrosca was for instance unhappy with Joe Biden’s choice of running mate for the 2020 election, writing that Kamala Harris “is a radical black nationalist who will stoke racial tensions until America descends into a full-blown race war.” One is really left unsure whether he had any idea about who Harris is and one is probably forgiven for suspecting that he would have written the same about any potential pick. And don’t get him started on Ilhan Omar, who according to D’Abrosca “is a terrorist” because she disagrees with him on immigration and whether people in prison deserve medical services.


That said, D’Abrosca has managed to draw some attention to himself and his views on immigration, in particular after he was promoted by Tucker Carlson.


Diagnosis: We have to admit that D’Abrosca has the potential to do it big! But we don’t want to contribute to that by giving him more attention than necessary.


  1. I wouldn't call this guy crazy.
    Really stupid, yes.
    But not crazy.

  2. At some level I am not sure I really manage to draw that distinction anymore.