Monday, February 26, 2024

#2740: Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof is an at least semi-regular (we can’t really be bothered to check) contributor to American Free Press, an anti-semitic conspiracy outlet founded by a.o. Willis Carto with a long history of promoting insane conspiracy theories, including 9/11 conspiracy theories in which Jewish people are blamed for being behind the attacks. Dankof also makes regular appearances on Press TV, a conspiracy outlet operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. He also runs a website, Mark Dankof’s America (as well as something called the Dankof Report), where he features articles blaming the Israeli Mossad for, well, more or less anything, including the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


So yes, most of Dankof’s contributions to these outlets consist of free-ranting about various conspiracy theories he has dreamt up or found in the darker corners of the internet and which he has promptly adopted. For instance, his November 2012 Press TV segment “US, Israel plan Assad removal to hurt Iran: Analystclaimed, without evidence (screw evidence), that “Zionist-affiliated arms dealers, oil consortiums and bankers seek to overthrow the Syrian government …to pave the way for an American and Israeli military attack against Iran.”


And make no mistake, the Israeli regime orchestrated 9/11 attacks; Dankof is more than ready to rant about “the kinds of forces that some of us think are very much involved in covering up the truth about 9/11, and that includes a disproportionate power that the Israeli lobby has and that Jewish interests have in the United States in our news media that keeps some of this stuff from being discussed”; indeed, “it appears to me that the United States is, as obviously as we know, co-opted by the Israeli lobby, so is the United Nations and Israel is simply using the United States to buy what it wants.” Fortunately, as Dankof wishfully sees it, “The American people are increasingly sick of [Jewish control] they’re sick of the pack of lies that all of this is based on, they’re sick of the Israeli control of their foreign policy and their government and their news media.” In a 2011 article, Dankof even quoted from and wrote that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion accurately reflect the state of the world.


Diagnosis: Old-school neo-nazi. It would be somewhat curious to know how he responds to new-school QAnon-related antisemitism, but we frankly cannot be bothered to check or think too much about it.

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