Thursday, June 10, 2010

#30: Mark Biltz

Biltz is a Biblical Astrologer and a pastor at El Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Washington. Biltz made the DVD-series "Studies in Our Hebrew Roots", claiming that the biblical plan of God on display in the physical heaven.

Claims that constellations (or point-to-point drawings between various stars) display a picture depicting the second coming of the Messiah (the names of many of the stars are also relevant, apparently).

Of course, since hardcore Christians denounce astrology, Biltz is adamant that what he does (looking at the hidden meaning of constellations to predict future events) is not astrology but astronomy. Discussed here.

Diagnosis: Unhinged loon whose beliefs correspond to reality with a remarkably low frequency. Impact is probably small.

Note: We originally entered him as "Blitz", and apologize for that. The name is Biltz - which means that the entry doesn't quite fit with the alphabetical order anymore.


  1. Ok, two things. First, he seems to be tapping the resources of lunatic paranoia again, and second, his names may be (and probably is) Mark Biltz, not "Blitz".

  2. Here is Biltz accusing scientists of using a Satanic telescope.