Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#58: Jim Carrey

I am sure this will disappoint a lot of people, but the famous actor Jim Carrey is unfortunately a first-class loon, who demands an entry in our Encyclopedia under the densely populated category “celebrities who should have remain modestly ...silent about issues they have absolutely no knowledge of understanding of”. Well, I guess people should be excused for letting blithering idiocy fall out of their mouths on certain occasions. Carrey, however, has swallowed the anti-vaccinationist lunacy hook and sinker (through his relationship with the abysmally ignorant loon Jenny McCarthy), and emerged as an ardent opponent of science, reason and rationality. Sorry, Jim, you’re a crackpot.

What else but crackpottery can get anyone to concoct this string of logical fallacies and poorly disguised conspiracy theories of the worst Roswellian kind from the depths of confirmation bias.

It is properly and even-handedly evaluated here and here.

To twist the knife around, have a look at the following.

In other words: A typical example of what happens when people who are already convinced of a certain claim on the basis of intuition or nothing obtain their biology or medical degrees from google and fellow actors. A disgrace. A first-class village conspiracy theorist.

Who knew “Dumb & Dumber” was a biographical documentary?

Diagnosis: Clueless moron with an incoherent cause and lots of ardour. His influence should not be underestimated, however.

On the other hand, he recently broke up with McCarthy and was subsequently thrown out of Generation Rescue – maybe he’ll take a Bailey-Shermer-Easterbrook and come to his senses? In Carrey’s disfavor, however, he doesn’t – unlike B-S-E – come across as particularly bright.

(for a definition of a B-S-E)


  1. Pretty interesting, considering that he's loved around the world by many people that are fans of his movies and you have a blog that probably matters to a small number of people. Good thing you're a voice of reason in the world!

    Oh yeah, and for the comment I am giving you (seems you don't get many, usually)- you're welcome.

  2. Is Carrey really worthy of Loon accreditation?

    There are a lot of Hollywood types who self-importantly take up a cause or a religion and have a visibility well out of proportion to their competence or intelligence.

    Sure, Carrey is, evidently, Shallow and an Idiot, but is he a Loon? Might the fact that he is longer associated with the bona fide loon, Jenny McCarthy, rehabilitate him in some way?

    I've no particular axe to grind. I'm not a Carrey fan, as such. I just think elevating him to Loon status dilutes the meaning of the title when you have Kirk Camerons and Ted Nugents who are striving so diligently to make their mark in the Loon field.

  3. I see the worry. I would argue that Kirk Cameron must count - after all, Cameron is actually making an effort on behalf of the lunacy movement with documentaries, radio shows, articles and so on, and he is widely cited on these issues throughout the Internet. Same thing would go for, say, Chuck Norris, who contributes e.g. to the WND, and Jenny McCarthy, who is a front figure of the antivaxx movement with her Generation Rescue organization. On the other hand, I realize that Ted Nugent or Billy Corgan, for instance, are just celebrities with cranky views, and there certainly is an argument to be made for excluding them.

    I guess the same could be said of Jim Carrey. However, Carrey *did* write articles and front anti-vaxx organizations back when he dated McCarthy - and he was still doing that right up until the date of this post. I guess that I should perhaps not have counted him today.