Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#60: Robert Carter

“Robert Carter” is a relatively common name, and indeed – behind “Robert Carter” we can find several worthy candidates for our encyclopedia. This guy is one nice example, but this Bob Carter (the rather famous namegiver to what is currently known as ”Cartergatedisqualifies himself by being British .

The intended Robert Carter is much less dangerous, unfortunately, but not quite toothless. He is head speaker/”scientist” for Creation Ministries International. Apparently he must be a great scientist, since Creationwiki (yes, such an entity exists) points out that ”in a [2007] debate with Rick Pierson that 590 people attended to Carter brought up a stumping question to Pierson that left him speechless, stopping him in mid sentence.” (the question isn’t quoted). His status as a serious scientist is surely bolstered by the fact that ”CMI-Canadian and Canadian churches are coming together to find a way to better equip citizens about the lies behind Darwin's theory. Robert Carter as one of the speakers are hoping to give Christians the knowledge and boldness to uphold scripture and use it for Christ's purpose.” I couldn’t find any peer-reviewed publications from him, however.

He specializes in preaching to congregations, however, and I think this calendar of events from the Minot Baptist Church tells you all you need to know. In particular, his talk "Dinosaurs and the Bible" – planned for all Home Schoolers, but ALL ARE WELCOME!, sounds rather ominous and can actually be argued potentially to cause more than a little harm (this seems appropriate here). He doesn’t really give much heed to facts, but neither does his audience – his honesty and integrity can probably be evaluated from this (sympathetic) report.

Oh, and according to his bio, Carter wasn’t always a creationist etc. His gang can be found here (note the welcome appearance of our old friend Gary Bates, the Christian ufologist, here as well).

Diagnosis: Godbotter and pathological Liar for Jesus. Crazy fundamentalist whose extremism might conceivably move the Overton window with respect to some of the choirs he’s preaching to. I'll count him as moderately dangerous, even if his impact is limited.


  1. =/ apart from through insults and slander you didnt do much to explain why hes a loon? Sounds like you just have beef with christians? A personal vendetta purhaps? I challenge you to do some research into his statements and question the facts of your own beliefs =) chur

    1. If he really is following a proper scientific process, he should submit his understanding of the facts to scientific scrutiny through a peer review process. And if his understanding is not supported by his peers, we can take it as read that he is either a total visionary, or he is wrong. Since he hasn't submitted anything to peer review, he is not following a scientific process. But since all evolution science disagrees with his conclusions anyway, we have to conclude he is wrong. There is no evidence for a "young earth" or for a world-wide flood about 3000 years ago, and his description of evolutionary genetic modelling is incorrect. There is no point in challenging anyone to prove him wrong. The burden of proof is on him to prove he is right. And so far he has not attempted to demonstrate that to the scientific community.

  2. Promoting any sacred text as inerrant and therefore it’s statements regarding origins, etc., ‘scientific’ is looney. Christianity not at issue, bad science leading to science ignorance is. YEC is poor doctrine & worse science.

  3. This blogpost is a drivel of atheistic hate speech typical for sorry atheist who can not put up any rational arguments for justification of their faith. It should be reported as a hate site..