Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#245: Nancy Luft

Nancy Luft may lack notability, but makes up for it in unhinged craziness bred of paranoia and complete detachment from reality. They are out to get us, you see. It is a little unclear who and how, but it seems to be the government or the Russians (Luft claims to receive ESP messages from “The Special Sputnik Forces” of the Russian military). It has something to do with Mount St. Helens as well (which the Russians blew up with sputniks), and among her warnings to the general public is this: “Washington DC is trying to copy Russian sputniks with gamma ray, x ray, lasers that already exist which might cause the Russians to annihilate US!” It sounds scary, but I fail to see exactly what Luft thinks the threat is, and I’ve read the warning a couple of times.

At least she gives us some pertinent political analysis:

“Democracy leads to socialism, which lead so communism, fact of life! That is why Rockefellers' Rich Man's Mafia overthrow our democracy, our government, our constitution! Right wing is the dominant male primate ruling the pack (or a tiny group of the ruling the pack). Homo sapiens are primates, so that means royalty, popes, tribal chiefs, tiny group of rich with their political puppets, tyrants, dictators, etc., ruling the pack or masses or The People.”

Again, it sounds scary, but it is hard to see what exactly the threat is supposed to be. Apparently the Sputnik forces killed Michael Jackson, however.

You can find more of her insane rants here.

Among other things, Luft also chimed in on the Elizabeth Smart disappearance. While there were plenty of insane kooks weighing in here (this one is hilarious), Luft’s must have been the most deranged: She claimed to receive an ESP messages (from “The Special Sputnik Forces”) that a “man in a golf hat” had abducted Elizabeth. That’s not worse than many of the others, but Luft, who advocates the poor killing the rich (Smart was from a relatively well-off family), couldn’t help adding that the kidnapper was “my beloved” and that she hoped he tortured the girl before he killed her.

Luft, who claims to be a disciple of Jeane Dixon, came to our attention via this fabulous site. Do check it out.

Diagnosis: In serious need of help to find her way back to a semblance of reality. Her influence may be limited but she has achieved some notoriety on the web (not generally by people sympathetic to her insane rants, however). Here's a link to ratbags' 'where is Nancy Luft' quest.

(ed note: I couldn't locate a photo of Luft, so instead you get a nice photo of Sputnik; rather fitting, I think)


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  2. Wow, I forgot all about Nancy. I used to look forward to her posts about Sputniks.hahahha!