Monday, September 26, 2011

#249: Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney is a Maine-based naturopath who provides medical recommendations like this: “Parents waiting for vaccinations can provide their children with black elderberry, which blocks the H1N1 virus. A single garlic capsule daily cuts in half the incidence and the severity of a flu episode for children". Pure, medieval magic, in other words - completely out of touch with anything resembling science or evidence. Maloney combines his "alternative" advice, in a typical manner, with a solid dose of martyr complex.

Unlike most medical mavericks, Christopher doesn’t usually attempt to bully critics into silence. Rather, he gets his lawyer wife Maeghan to do so. In fact, über-crank Andreas Moritz (who will be covered later) seems to have assumed responsibility for bullying Maloney’s critics, at least on certain occasions.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Christopher seems to be pretty bent on taking his leaks against the wind.

Diagnosis: To avoid the possibility of any tiresome legal issues we’ll avoid explicitly calling him a “quack”, which has a clear legal definition.

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