Monday, April 4, 2016

#1636: Steve Gaines

Yes, let’s run yet another anti-gay lunatic. Steve Gaines, of the Bellevue Baptist Church in Tennessee, was one of Rick Santorum’s valued supporters during the 2012 Republican primaries. Gaines thinks that gay rights and gays in the media are a serious threat to America’s security and economy: “America’s economy and America’s safety are more tied up with what’s going on in those courts in Massachusetts than what’s going on in Wall Street or over in Iraq,” said Gaines, but didn’t explain how: “Radical homosexuals and lesbians seek to take over our nation. You cannot watch television without being subjected to Gay propaganda. They seek to brain wash our citizens so they can make same-sex marriage the law of the land” is not an explanation, nor is “I personally believe that if America does not repent, she is headed for national disaster,” though apparently it is God who is going to cause it, out of revenge, and if He does, then it seems pretty unfair to blame the gays for these disasters, doesn't it?

Moreover, Gaines has warned us that since “homosexuals and lesbians cannot reproduce biologically so they prey on the children of normal people, seeking to entice them to be trapped in their perverted lifestyle,” since homosexuality is not a sexual orientation but a conspiracy to control the world.

One interesting detail about Gaines, though, is that his own moral compass seems to be broken. Or to put it differently: It is unclear whether his endorsement in the end helped Santorum’s campaign.

Diagnosis: Delusional nitwit fundamentalism, and that, predictably, comes with being an a**hole. Noisy, but we're not sure he has a lot of influence.

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