Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#1643: Brian Gaston & Rachel Goldstein

We admit that we are not entirely sure who, exactly, Brian Gaston is, but his work has at least been published by the conspiracy website Food Freedom News. Gaston is at least an anti-vaccinationist, and a rather unhinged one (which sort of goes without saying, but Gaston goes even further than most), and an example of his work can be found in the article “Unspeakable Outrages Across the Country”, penned in 2012 as a (gloating) response to a failed attempt to tighten the rules for exemptions from the public school mandatory vaccines in Vermont.

We don’t know what his relationship with Rachel Goldstein is either, other than that in the aforementioned article Gaston cited an article of hers called “Have Rabbis Forgotten The Experiments on Jewish Women at Auschwitz?” (the link is not for the faint of heart). You see where this is going, right? Mandatory vaccines are just like the Nazis because Gaston and Goldstein wants to invoke the nazis when describing those he disagrees with regardless of whether the analogy holds at any remotely interesting level. According to Gaston and Goldstein “giving untested, unknown vaccines is a ‘medical experiment’ and violates the core principles of the Nuremberg –  informed and unambiguous consent” (of course, the vaccines in question are among the most extensively tested medical procedures in existence, but we don’t expect people like Gaston and Goldberg to be informed about such things). In particular, vaccines are like Nazi experiments designed to rapidly and secretly sterilize Jews and other racial “undesirables”. How? Ah, you’ll be sorry you asked:

All of the mandated vaccines for their children must include information that polysorbate 80 is a sterilizing agent and one that is ‘preferred’ as such in a pharmaceutical industry patent, and therefore deemed effective” (the polysorbate gambit is described here. Needless to say, it’s ridiculous). That is, through vaccines, children are being “compulsorily sterilized in this deceptive manner. This is a criminal assault on their children’s bodies. In truth, parents should give this attack an even more seriously criminal label, because ‘imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group’ meets the UN’s definition of genocide.” Yes, vaccines are filled with toxins as part of a covert genocide plot. According to Gaston, not only is vaccination a crime against humanity on the order of Nazi sterilization experiments, but it’s a way for big pharma to cement its hold on humanity: “The Nuremberg Code was written to protect the world from the gruesome experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners by the pharmaceutical industry. They industry sought a means to covertly sterilize those they wished to use merely as workers or slaves, and to take over control of the world.” That link is also described by Goldstein: “Records show the Merck pharmaceutical company received a major share of the Nazi flight capital’ at the close of World War II,” asserts Goldstein, and that shows that Merck is still in a Nazi conspiracy to kill American children (as also shown e.g. by the link she imagines exists between vaccines and SIDS; the link is of course the opposite of what Goldstein thinks). To back it up, she cites “research” done by Matthias Rath and things she has found on various conspiracy websites, including stuff by Joe Mercola and Jane Orient, no less.

But Gaston has more: “The same industry is still covertly sterilizing. And just as Monsanto is attempting to ‘own’ food through patented intellectual property claims and is abetted by spread of its GMOs through contamination by pollen [yes, we cannot resist some utterly silly anti-GMO tropes, can we? … though we thought that Monsanto didn’t want their patented seeds spread like this – apparently that’s just false-flagging], vaccine-enforced DNA contamination through injecting patented GMOs into children’s DNA provides a means to take control of human DNA. Here the companies are abetted in this human-DNA contamination not by pollen but by corrupt state legislators.

Yes, that’s right: “Those legislators are abetting both the covert compulsory sterilization of America’s children (genocide), and the deceptive take over by multinational corporations of the ownership of American children’s human DNA (biopiracy).” Yes: By vaccinating your children, you turn over ownership of their DNA to big Pharma: “Those being vaccinated with the new DNA vaccines are automatically turning their ‘intellectual property’ over their own DNA over to the vaccine manufacturers by allowing that DNA to be contaminated.”

Oh, whee. Of course, most vaccines don’t have appreciable amounts of DNA left. But apparently for Gaston, these trace amounts will integrate with and contaminate your genome (and the polysorbate-80 in them make you infertile). Come to think of it, things actually work like this according to homeopathy.

Diagnosis: There is in fact a lesson here: It really is impossible to parody the antivaccine movement; whatever you try, they’ll do it better themselves. It’s hard to find words to adequately describe how removed from any semblance of reality and how deep into paranoid epistemic hell Gaston and Goldstein actually are.

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