Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#1800: Sonnie Johnson

Sonnie Johnson is a Breitbart News author and Tea Party Patriot, the kind of person who argues (well, insists) that Obama is a Marxist who may or may not believe in God, but definitely thinks that “God must be dethroned.” It would be interesting (not really) to see how she defines “Marxism”: “Karl Marx had two main goals: to destroy capitalism and to dethrone God,” says Johnson. Not … quite. But you see why Obama is committed to dethroning God, right? “So when you hear the leader of progressivism, aka American Marxism, say that you are doing ‘God’s work,’ understand he means it. He means you’re taking over God’s work. God must be dethroned.” That’s all the subtlety and nuance her fans would ever ask for.

Moreover, if Obama and his ilk are claiming to do God’s work, it’s pretty easy to see that they are lying: “why are the Ten Commandments not allowed in the social services building?” And “why is there even a question if Little Sisters of the Poor have to pay for abortion?” (which I don’t think was an issue that was ever on the table). And not the least: “do we have to ask him [i.e. God] where he stands on marriage?

Johnson is currently affiliated with Blacks for Donald Trump (“we want greatness; we do not want free sh*t”), and seems to still claim that the media “dramatically underestimate[s] Trump’s support among black voters,” cause that’s the evidence she receives when she goes on social media.

Oh, and she’s a creationist. According to Johnson, there are two stories about the creation of the world: evolution or God; and she chooses God, not science, which she – of course – equates with atheism.

Diagnosis: Yes, she has readers. But at least she helpfully illustrates how some of these nutters are approaching the world: everything she doesn’t like is one: atheism, social justice, liberalism, Marxism, blasphemy. Ultimately, she really doesn’t like distinctions, does she?

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