Saturday, March 25, 2017

#1813: Mark Kalita

Hardly a day goes by without another earth-shattering discovery made by non-establishment amateur scientists who write those discoveries up into book format, publish the book with a vanity press and announces the discovery by hiring a press release service (the WND, for instance, tend to pick up the stories, too, if they express an ideological fit with their readership). Mark Kalita is the proud author of Light Event, which, according to the press release from, reveals “the ‘Light Formula’ for the Human Being”. Kalita is apparently also the author of 7 Day Bodhi and Secrets of God. Light Event, however, is the first to publish the “Light Formula”, which is a “ground breaking theory places the Human being as a variable in the most unique equation of existence. The ‘Light Formula’ makes All Human beings a measurable quotient of existence. This unique ‘Light Formula’ of the Human being also mirrors the ‘Unified Field Theory’ as Mark uses the Infinite as a constant with claims that all energy is a subtle kinetic energy with a unique ‘Light Event.’” The formula is apparently k = IHx; that is, “the k(inetic) energy that is released when the constant of the I(nfinite) is aligned by the H(uman) variable. ‘x’ is the exponential rise of subtle energies when other H(uman)s are adjoined in the I(nfinite), also known as UNITY.” We are not convinced Kalita knows what “measurable” means. Abbreviating your terms in a metaphor that superficially looks like a scientific law doesn’t imply measurability. It is also unclear from the press release whether he thinks he has tested his formula, but apparently the “‘Light Event’ horizon for Humanity has been predicted [by the prophets of various world religions] since the beginning of time.” Indeed, according to the press release “Mark esoterically relays the cryptic meanings of his discovery. ‘As the Human factor aligns itself with a positive polarity, the subtle kinetic energies emerge as the “Greater Gifts” or the “Three Natures” of existence.’

So what are the applications of his discovery? Apparently “through the understanding and application of the ‘Light Formula’ light workers, or healers, psychics and mediums, can naturally and effortlessly enhance their gifts by taking a few easy steps to align their being with the Infinite.” Apparently rigorous testing is underway: “To further understand and verify the ‘Light Formula’, Mark is currently seeking volunteer psychics, healers, mediums and other light workers for an investigational focus group using the ‘Light Event’ tools to positively align the study subjects.” You have to cover your expenses yourself, however.

As a matter of fact, Kalita seems to have written numerous books, including Apocalypse 2015, End Times 5775, Hidden Messiah: Roman Conspiracy of Christian Apostasy, and One World Religion: The Guide to Money & Prosperity. The titles suggest a certain mindset.

Diagnosis: This doesn’t really even qualify as “pseudoscience”, does it? It’s just rambling nonsense with some New Age esotericism and motivational speech tricks thrown in at random. Probably entirely harmless.

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