Thursday, March 30, 2017

#1816: Sharon Kass

We’ll give Raymond Ronald Karczewski, who claims to be Jesus Christ and out to free everyone else from Satanic mind control through his website and youtube videos, a pass. Perhaps Sharon Kass should have been given a pass for similar reasons, but she has been trolling LGQBT people for years with emails extolling reparative therapy and the ex-gay group NARTH. She has apparently written for the delusional conspiracy website WND, too.

According to Kass “GayScam is a moral and constitutional atrocity,” and “[t]he Fourteenth Amendment doesn’t apply to people with homosexuality or transgenderism – no matter what the half-loony Supreme Court says (the loony half including Kennedy),” ostensibly because “[h]omosexuality is abnormal, distorted sexuality.” Homosexuality can, however, “be prevented through gender-affirmative practices on the part of parents and parent figures,” and “successfully treated through modern psychodynamic psychotherapy and same-sex mentoring,” which is not correct. Apparently she is under the, uh, conviction that sending emails making these claims to gay people will somehow have a desired effect. According to Kass “GayScam could end as soon as 2021.” We have no idea whatsoever what premises led her to draw that conclusion.

She received some flak in 2013, when she targeted a 11-year-old who successfully petitioned a Tennessee StudentsFirst group to rescind an education award from state rep. John Ragan, sponsor of the pro-bullying “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Kass wrote to the boy’s father telling him that he was responsible for his homosexuality (Kass's formulations were less well-hinged), a “disorder of deep-seated gender self-alienation.” Apparently a poor relationship with fathers is a main cause of atheism as well.

In fairness, we are not entirely sure Sharon Kass is a real person called “Sharon Kass”, but whoever is behind those emails certainly deserves to be called out.

Diagnosis: “A bad, hateful person” seems to sum her up well enough. Her influence is relatively limited, and she may conceivably hurt the anti-gay movement more than help it.

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