Monday, July 3, 2017

#1860: James Laffrey

James Laffrey is a Michigan-based anti-Semite, and the guy behind the website Whites Will Win, where he calls Adolf Hitler “the greatest leader of the last centuryand calls for the murder of Jews. According to Laffrey “our White race invented everything we care about,” (we doubt that Laffrey has contributed much, but apparently he thinks that he should get some credit nonetheless because of the color of his skin), but “[t]he jews stole the White inventor Thomas Edison’s movie-making equipment and fled out to the far coast, to Los Angeles, to put it to use in their new propaganda industry against us.” Apparently, the “jews are the invaders in this White-founded White-built country of ours. Ours,” and hence, by “every right of humanity, the founding race of a country can and should kill invaders …” (no further argument offered).

Continues Laffrey: “now, we need to rise up, kill the enemy jews, and re-take our own country for ourselves and our own people. By controlling the violent force of military and police, the jews have taken control of our country away from us. Only by force will we take it back. They have us out-organized, since they are fully race-conscious and they control the government. But they do not have us out-gunned. We have multi-millions of veterans, hunters, and other gun owners across the country. And the jews do not have us outsmarted. You and I have overcome a lifetime of their propaganda against us!

In conclusion, then, Laffrey urges us all to “[k]ill jews. jew doctors, jew lawyers, jew teachers, jew insurers, jew porn dealers, jew drug dealers, jew owners of major league sports teams, jew bankers, jew travel agency owners, jew jewelers. Do it carefully. Safely. Proudly. Silently. Again and again.”

Diagnosis: Complete garbage. His constant use of “We” sounds a bit desperate, though – we doubt that many people will want to have enough to do with Laffrey for him to felicitously use the word “we” in any context he might find himself.


  1. I really get a kick out of clowns like this who worship Hitler. In actually, Hitler and his poor strategic and tactical choices was more responsible for the German defeat in WW2 than the armies of the US, Britain and the former Soviet Union.

    1. You really need to read a book, pal!
      One not written by the Victors.

  2. No doubt he is a loon, but he should not be readily dismissed. The fact is that these people are highly dangerous and need to be dealt with by force, if necessary, because that is all they understand. Given that people like Laffrey really do have an audience, I think every Jew should own a gun and know how to use it.