Saturday, July 8, 2017

#1864: Scott Lamb

Scott Lamb is President of Reformation Press, and Executive Director of the Presbyterian Lay Committee in Nashville, Tennessee. The Reformation Press generally publishes precisely those books it sounds like they would publish. Lamb also runs the “Jesus in the Public Square” section on the Moonie Times website, a daily feature that was instigated by Taliban-style dominionist David Lane; apparently Biblical economics. The main reason for including Lamb, who clearly has dominionist sympathies just like Lane, in our Encyclopedia is his glorious and gloriously revealing description of the “Jesus in the Public Square” project:

 Jesus in the Public Square at The Washington Times hopes to talk about and dialogue with people to show them that Jesus Christ and his lordship is a universal theme and they should submit to that.”

Methinks Lamb doesn’t really master the concept of “dialogue”.

Diagnosis: Raging dominionist fundie. At least he hasn’t quite mastered the art of Orwellian subversion employed by so many of his ilk.


  1. Just another creepy Jesus freak trying to push his agenda on others. Just say "no" folks!

  2. You know, you've featured plenty of climate change denialist loons; since you're coming up on the letter “m,” how about a loon from the opposite end of the spectrum. Specifically, one Guy McPherson, whose cherry-picked data PROVES that runaway climate change will render the human race extinct in less than a decade, and any climatologists pointing out the flaws in his ideas are all part of a conspiracy to hide the coming apocalypse from the world.

    1. I'd LOVE to see THAT, CONSIDERING some folks DON'T "care" that I'M TRYING TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY TO BE A "productive member of society", NOT "a menace to it". It's obvious once you know my compassion for the REAL Final Fantasy II's story, with a bunch of youths joining the resistance against the empire for what it is. Yes, other videogames perfected this, but I'm talking about the one that started it all.

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