Saturday, July 22, 2017

#1874: Steve Lashuk

So, ok: the Lesbian Studies Institute might be a parody (or have been – it seems to have gone AWOL sometime in 2010), but at least it won an Encouragement Award in the 2006 Millenium Awards for its attempt to spread hatred. No, it’s not an institute or a think-tank, but a website devoted to warning the world about the imminent takeover of society by lesbians (and Jews), or – in their own words – to “track, synthesize and expose the secret, social and political corruption of America’s powerful, government financed Lesbian Mafia”. It consists of Steve Lashuk, who calls himself “chairman”, and whose qualifications include having “devoted over nine arduous years and thousands upon thousands of dollars towards the study of this topic. I have accumulated a mini-library of books from both sides, subjective and objective [?]. I subscribe and have access to many periodical publications, subjective and objective. I have on files thousands of news articles all corroborating as evidence of a sinister force working to destroy America’s existing culture.”

Apparently the Lesbian Mafia is out to criminalize heterosexuality – and make no mistake, “[f]eminism is lesbianism.” What is their motive? “VERY SIMPLE, THE SAME REASON Adolph Hitler spread hate between the Jews and German people. It’s a clinical fact, lesbianism is a sickness, they suffer with an extreme form of paranoia and persecution complex [wheee]; and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You see it’s a medical proven fact [now he’s asserted that it’s a fact twice, which obviates the need to cite evidence], lesbianism is a developmental disorder which progresses into psychotic paranoia. Hence causing extreme fear of all men, otherwise associated with heterophobia. It’s common practice for lesbians to call all heterosexuals, homophobes, but clinical studies have confirmed [I guess asserting it three times makes it even more conclusively established] that all lesbians have a dreadful fear of heterosexuals and especially men.” In more detail, “as clinical studies verify, in their early childhood developmental stage (one to three years) their childhood conflicts caused their minds to short circuit into averse thoughts about men, hence, creating an imbalance for relationships with men, and creating the dynamics for bursts of aggression towards all society and even themselves […. therefore] Unbeknown by most, lesbians have a grandiose plan in effect to overthrow the heterosexual culture in the U. S. and replace with a Lesbo Amazon Nation.” They don’t fool Steve Lashuk, though: “I broke their code, I unlocked their secrets, I deciphered their manifesto …” Apparently there are also secret Lesbian Breeding Programs.

The studies mentioned seems to be articles by our old friend Texe Marrs, for instance about how John Kerry is secretly a Jew and a communist raised by the Illuminati to destroy America, or how the evil Jews control everything.

Lashuk also has a self-published dissertation that he apparently mailed to numerous people in the 90s. It doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact, even though he warned, referring to a genocide he expects to happen after his death, that although “I’m not going to see 50 million people die, when this thing starts mushrooming, you're going to see people shot.” At least he doesn’t “have any problem with the homosexual gay man per se – it’s the lesbians that are creating all the problems.”

Diagnosis: (With the caveat that he might be a parody, Lashuk is) one of the craziest fellows on the whole, wide Internet, which is no mean feat. Probably harmless, though.


  1. Criminalize heterosexuality? I'm literally having a really hard time not laughing at this guy! Run, it's the Lesbian Mafia! Sorry, false alarm. It's just another paranoid wack-job's imagination getting away from him!

  2. To be honest, Lesbo Amazon Nation sounds like very cheap movie from the 90