Monday, June 4, 2018

#2023: Daryn Moran

Ok, so birtherism might be considered a bit stale in 2018, but the prevalence of birtherism some years ago is still an important data point in the explanation of certain more current events. Besides, we have no reason to think Daryn Moran has acquired any basic critical thinking skills since 2011. Moran is a former Air Force staff sergeant who was discharged after declaring himself AWOL because Obama isn’t the legitimate president (the WND ran with the headline “Staff Sergeant Discharged After Questioning Obama”, which is not quite accurate). Moran stated that he would not return to his assignment unless Barack Obama documented his eligibility to be president. Moran did not return to his assignment. “In essence,” said Moran, “I have placed myself squarely against B. Obama, and will continue to do so under the present circumstances. If B. Obama will reach out to me, help me, talk to me, be honest with me, seek the Lord with me, hear other Americans with me, correct his lies, and allow the blessings of God on himself and this country, I would be happy. I’m in no position to prevent God’s blessings on B. Obama, but currently B. Obama is preventing that himself.” Yes, Obama would remain beyond God’s blessings until he had a long, deep, personal chat with Moran and pretty much took Moran on as a counselor. 

Diagnosis: Probably not a big loss for the military. Minor figure, yes, but the critical thinking (and SPAG delusions) involved here may help explain some developments in the US the last two years.


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  2. Whatever happened to this ditwit, anyway?
    He still whining about this discharge?


    He got fired.