Wednesday, June 6, 2018

#2024: Janet Morana

Janet Morana is the Executive Director of Priests for Life and a vocal opponent of abortion. As mentioned in other posts, it is possible to have a reasonable discussion about the morality of abortion, but not with deranged lunatics like Janet Morana. Morana is the kind of idiot who claims that the shooting of Australian baseball player Chris Lane by three apparently nihilistic kids in 2013 was motivated by the fact that they (the kids) “could have been aborted.” According to Morana, “we have to start with the fact that since 1973, these kids are survivors, they could have been aborted, and that’s a fact. The people don’t realize … they’re post Roe v Wade and therefore there’s a thing called ‘survivor syndrome.’There’s a psychiatrist up in Canada, Dr. Phillip Nay has studied this for decades and shown the effect thatjust the fact that you could have been aborted can affect you as a survivor of Roe v Wade.” The same, presumably, applies to survivors of unintentional miscarriages, which affects some 20% of pregnancies.

Morana is also co-founder of Silent No More, a group that frequently features Alveda King and has pushed the thoroughly falsified hypothesis that abortion might be positively causally related to breast cancer.

Diagnosis: Deranged nutjob, but a pretty influential one.

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