Thursday, June 14, 2018

#2028: Jan Morgan

Jan Morgan is a blogger, NRA activist (she told Bryan Fischer that the solution to mass shootings in America is simply to declare that gun-free zones are unconstitutionaland), and owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 2014 she rose to some fame by deciding to violate the Civil Rights Act by banning Muslims from her business. According to Morgan Muslim visitors would scare away her customers, and her federal firearms license gave her the discretion to deny service to people “if I sense an issue with their mental state.” Since it was impossible for her to tell which Muslims are terrorists and which ones not, she had them all banned. It is worth pointing out that just prior to this incident Morgan had decided to boycott Target because they asked their customers not to carry guns into their stores, feeling that by doing so Target was lumping together criminals and law-abiding citizens. Of course, Morgan reallythinks that all Muslims are terrorists; on her website “JanMorganMedia” she refers to Islam as a terrorist cult which is plotting world denomination, and says all Muslims want to destroy America. Oh, and just to be sure: Morgan’s gun range turns away dark-skinned people in general if they look like they could be Muslim.

When Marco Rubio voiced some concerns about a different gun range in Oklahoma that refused to allow an Army reservist to use their facility because he’s Muslim, Morgan quickly responded that Rubio will soon be endorsed by Hamas and ISIS, claiming that he sounds “like a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood front organization CAIR.” (The idea that CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood is an InfoWars-level conspiracy theory.)

Morgan, however, is not just some random, local lunatic. In 2013 she was a speaker at the “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” breakfast panel hosted by Liberty Counsel to spread conspiracy theories about Obama and how a UN treaty meant to restrict the illegal international weapons trade is a plot to take away Americans’ guns. Morgan also appeared at Liberty Counsel’s Awakening conference earlier the same year. In 2014, she was a speaker at the Two Million Bikers rally in DC, where she claimed that she didn’t believe Obama had actually won re-election in 2012 – voter fraud, you know; apparently Morgan knows about votes counted in Barcelona, Spain, and dead people who voted six times.

As of 2018, Morgan is running for Governor of Arkansas against Asa Hutchinson. Part of her platform seems to be the claim that ISIS is in Arkansas, and – based on warnings from “Agents with the Counter-Terrorism unit of the FBI,” she says– that she may “be a target of opportunity.” Apparently a handful of people actually believe her. As for gun control, Morgan has argued that tightening American gun laws may lead to genocide, because that’s what happened in Nazi Germany, which is false.

Diagnosis: Raving lunatic, of course, and one that seems to have acquired a modicum of popularity on the now-mainstream wingnut scene, precisely because of that.

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