Sunday, October 7, 2018

#2081: Christine Page

A.k.a. “The mystical physician”

Christine Page is the president of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine. Since “subtle energies” are, according to the New Age mysticists promoting the idea, empirically undetectable, studies of such energies are, of course, not really studies of anything but rather religious speculations. And of course, since empirical investigations identify forces and processes by their effects, including effects on health and well-being, being empirically undetectable just means having no discernible effect on anything (including health) either. Bah, details! 

Page is the author of Spiritual Alchemy, a title that is – presumably unintentionally – rather indicative of the scientific status of what she is doing. Now, Page is apparently an MD, known as the “mystical physician” by, well, by herself, mostly, it seems; nevertheless, she says things like: “The holographic reality in which we have lived for thousands of years is dissolving as the Great Shift in consciousness starts to take its effect. Despite the opportunity for a more unified and peaceful future, many will resist the change clinging to the old paradigm having become disspirited and out of touch with the pulse of their soul. However, change is inevitable. This is a moment to remember that we’re the Ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones whose consciousness will create the holographic reality for a whole new world. To achieve this, we must remember who we are, calling in all parts of ourselves which have become separated and integrate them into the heart, the vessel of transformation.” This is, needless to say, not how meaningful sentenceswork, but if you don’t follow it, perhaps it will help to take her seminar, where she at least used to explain also why 2012 is important, where the Heart of the Great Mother dwells, and how to build wormholes and portals to multidimensional universes while stepping into the Cauldron of the Dark Goddess. We recommend some hesitance when it comes to taking medical advice from here, though.

Diagnosis: Coherence: how does it work? Well, Page left mundane and trivial constraints like reason, consistency and semantic content behind her a long time ago, and has apparently never looked back. Probably relatively harmless, though.

Hat-tip: Skepdic

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