Thursday, October 18, 2018

#2087: Bob Parks

Bob Parks operates the website Black & Right (currently Blackandblonde) and specializes in voter fraud conspiracy theories. And Parks will pretty much run with everything. “[U]pwards of 19 states have counties with more than 100-percent voter registration.You have situations … I believe it was in the Allen West race in Florida where the voting was 141-percent,” claims Parks. “You can’t tell me there’s not a voter fraud problem.” No, Parks does not have a basic grasp of how voting works, and is not at all interested in learning. Even fellow rightwing voter fraud pushers have debunked that one (in St. Lucie County, the district in question, ballots were at least two pages or “cards”; policy dictates that each card be counted separately; voter turnout was really 69.5 %). True to form, the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow nevertheless picked up Parks’s claims.

Apart from voter fraud conspiracies, Parks pushes anti-gay conspiracy theories and global warming denialism (mostly promoting the usual myths). Suffice to say, Parks is about as trustworthy on these issues as he is when discussing voter fraud. The general tenor of his posts is that he and likeminded loons are being persecuted by the elites because the media and many politicians are biased and claim that he is wrong.

Diagnosis: Yes, yet another wingnut conspiracy theorist playing the “I am persecuted by powerful elites” card. Parks actually wields some influence, though.

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