Tuesday, October 9, 2018

#2082: Steve Palazzo

Since 2011 Steven McCarty Palazzo has been the U.S. Representative for Mississippi’s 4th congressional district. To no one’s surprise, Palazzo doesn’t like gay people, and he has maintained a profile as an ardent ally of the American Family Association. In 2013, for instance, Palazzo wondered, if the boy scouts don’t maintain their anti-gay policy, “then what do we stand for as a country?” which is an impressively inane question. He went on to say that he would do anything he could (example here) “to protect the Boy Scouts from this popular culture, this liberal agenda that is being crammed down their throat” (i.e. anyone adopting policies he disagrees with must really have been forced to adopt them), and asserted that “the Boy Scouts are actually being bullied worse than any group or organization that has ever been bullied before.” Later he launched an online campaign against “GAY Hollywood’s version of matrimony” over the on-air weddings at the Grammy Awards.

No fan of Obama, Palazzo accused the former president of demonizing Christians. Take the repeal of DADT, for instance: “Basically I don’t believe he shares the same Christian faith that we do because he’s allowing his minions his political appointees to do this,” said Palazzo, since you cannot be a Christian and at the same time disagree with Palazzo (or the AFA) on political issues.

Diagnosis: Evil fundamentalist who struggles with the conceptual distinction between “agree with me” and “true”. Don’t vote for this puerile ogre, will you?

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