Wednesday, January 2, 2019

#2125: Bobby Powell

The Truth Is Viral is a Michigan-based, far-right, ultraparanoid conspiracy theory group whose Publisher and Editor-in-Chief is one Bobby Powell, a frighteningly paranoid wingnut tinfoil hatter if there ever was one. Powell is primarily afraid of the powers-that-be, such as the UN, whose vehicles Powell reports having seen (third-hand) driving to army bases in Michigan as part of some undisclosed, nefarious ploy to take over Michigan and enslave its citizens on behalf of the UN: the vehicles in question, which were delivered to Camp Grayling – “long suspected of being a major FEMA camp” – were “clearly marked with United Nations insignia,” reported Powell, which sounds like a surprising strategic choice if UN troops (which don’t exist) were really plotting to secretly overtake Michigan.

Apparently the expressed purpose of TTiV (which seems to be mostly a blog and youtube channel) is to “Save Lives and Win Souls for Jesus Christ  in these very last days.” And the website has more or less everything except truth (and virality), at least by way of deranged wingnut conspiracy theories: FBI and the deep state working to overthrow Trump, how (not content with wingnut stock Benghazi nonsense) “Hillary Clinton ordered the murder of Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens in order to cover up her own treasonous weapons deals with Syrian al-Qaeda/ISIS forces”, and how Andrew McCabe planned a “subversive coup” with “FBI agent Peter Strzok and his girlfriend, FBI lawyer Lisa Page” – the evidence of the existence of such a plot being Strzok’s and Page’s dislike of Trump and the general law that anyone who dislikes someone plans to assassinate them. That kind.

Diagnosis: Minor figure and probably harmless, but this level of paranoia is surely not good for one’s character, reasoning abilities and the general atmosphere and tone of seasonal family gatherings.

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