Sunday, January 6, 2019

#2127: Michele Presnell

Michele Presnell represents the 118thdistrict in the North Carolina General Assembly (yes, them again). Presnell is against Muslim prayers because “I do not condone terrorism.” Some background: Presnell co-sponsored of North Carolina’s proposed (since dropped), unconstitutional 2013 resolution to establish Christianity a state religion, and made the claim about Muslim prayers in response to a constituent asking her, in an attempt to probe her capacity for empathy with those who do not share her religious views, whether she would “be comfortable with a public prayer to Allah before a legislative meeting in Raleigh.” In an attempt to explain her answer (and defend the resolution), Presnell said – sadly but entirely predictably – that “we just need to start taking a stand on our religious freedom or it will be whisked away from us.” “Religious freedom” means religious freedom for herand freedom for anyone else to share her religious views whether they want to or not.

Diagnosis: Fundie nincompoop. Delusional and dangerous.

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