Sunday, January 13, 2019

#2131: Cindy Pugh

More state legislators. Cindy Pugh is former a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives representing District 33B in the western Twin Cities metropolitan area. Pugh is not a fan of marriage equality. Indeed, Pugh thinks that what LGBT activists are after is not really marriage equality – that’s a smokescreen – but “OUR First Amendment RIGHTS”, our religious freedom and freedom of speech (random capitalization in the original; Pugh is a fan of random capitalization). Because if she disagrees with someone, then those persons must be dishonest, therefore conspiracy.

Apparently, Pugh has previously associated with Bradlee Dean, and Pugh's group, the Southwest Metro Tea Party (co-founded with Michele Bachmann), has sponsored Bradlee Dean & Jake “McMillian” MacAulay movie nights, anti-Agenda 21 presentations (more here and here) and John Birch Society nights. She was, however, not the only Minnesota legislator who sought information and guidance from WallBuilders and their ProFamily Legislators’ Conference; we note Abigail Whelan for future reference.

In 2018, Pugh received some attention after she, together with two other wingnuts, claimed to have learned of a “plot to ‘mobilize Muslims to infiltrate our Republican caucuses’.”

Diagnosis: Deranged, lunatic conspiracy theorist. At least temporarily neutralized after losing her 2018 reelection bid, but there’s always a danger that she’ll pop up again, so its worth keeping track of her antics.

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