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#2324: David Chase Taylor is a conspiracy website run by one David Chase Taylor, an exceptionally paranoid conspiracy theorist originally from the US – where he founded the website in 2007 – but now apparently living somewhere in Germany, where he moved after having declared that he is actually the messiah. The website is dedicated to pursuing Taylor’s interpretation of the truth (remember Badger’s law), which appears to be, roughly, centered around the idea that the CIA is really located in Switzerland, from where they want to kill everyone with Malaysia 370 and 9/11 attacks and, not the least, race wars. Most of all, they want to kill David Chase Taylor, since he is the messiah. For a global cabal that controls everything, they are strikingly ineffective at achieving some of their goals.

This request my predate his discovery that he is the Messiah
and that Switzerland is really a giant base for the CIA/Roman Empire
And unfortunately for them, Taylor is out to reveal and spoil their plans for state-sponsored terrorism and wicked Illuminati schemes. Thus far, he has prevented the planned 2011 Superbowl Nuclear Plot, the planned 2014 Superbowl Nuclear Plot, as well as a long row of “live” assassination attempts on a range of public figures. Taylor has also written several books detailing the evil plans, including the Bio-Terror Bibleand Greenland Theory: Apocalypse Now (which seems to be written in a single paragraph and is available here; it seem to consist entirely of random PIDOOMA pseudohistory to show that the Roman empire still exists and controls everything, as it has always done, though their main seat is currently located in Greenland). 

Now, Taylor’s ideas seem to form some kind of grand system, and it is, in a sense, laid out in the Greenland book, though “system” might be the wrong word since it suggests some sort of coherence constraint (random word soup might be more apt). Apparently central to the stream of thought is the claim that “[b]riefly, the Roman Empire, commonly referred to as Ancient Rome, evidently faked its own death 715 years ago and now excerpts [sic] command and control over all 206 nations of the world though its primary proxy state of Switzerland (home of the CIA) which was coincidentally formed in c.1300 AD, approximately 715 years ago.” Also, 1300 years have apparently been fraudulently added to the calendar and we are still in 720 AD. Though its starting point is already far down the rabbit hole, Taylor’s story goes rapidly downhill from there.

Among the other ideas more or less connected to that idea about the Roman empire, we can learn that

-       The name Santa Claus (S+N/X+T+C/K+L+S) acronymically and/or consonantly equates to ‘Sent to Kill System’ because Special Forces would travel from Greenland to the underworld on December 24th in order to execute assassinations, coup d’états, terror attacks and wars (e.g., Roman Vikings).” Details here (recommended). Apparently “Santa lives at the North Pole (i.e., Mt. Olympus or Mt. Zion) which is found in Greenland, home of the Roman Empire,” and he “accomplishes his tasks with the aid of the Jewish Race who are considered his ‘elves’ because they are much smaller in stature than the Greco-Romans, otherwise known as the Giants of Greenland. Santa Clauses’ wicked plans are executed in the underworld via Santa’s Workshop, otherwise known as Switzerland, home to the CIA.” Yes, he is real, but not what you think he is.
-       Bigfoot is a reference to the real, giant inhabitants of Greenland who are descended from the Greco-Romans.
-       Paul Walker was assassinated by the CIA to highlight the term “Fast and Furious” for … some reason.
-       JFK was assassinated by the driver
-       Taylor is a global warming denialist. He is also an Arctic and Antarctic, denialist. Apparently the “concepts of ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ were originally designed by the Roman Empire in Greenland in order to deceive the world into thinking that the Greenland ice sheet along with the polar ice caps are melting or at risk of melting,” whereas in reality the Greenland ice sheet doesn’t exist. A quote from his aforementioned Greenland book: “Because Greenland admittedly has mountains, valley, rivers and weather systems, a congruent and stagnant sheet of ice year round is not scientifically possible. In respect to the argument that Greenland is near the North Pole (which does not exist) and thus experiences colder weather, there are a few scientific facts which have conveniently been left out of the equation. Firstly, it is a well-known fact that hot air rises. Therefore, Greenland and the North Pole should, in theory, be the warmest place on Earth when using the accepted basketball-like model of Earth. Secondly, since Greenland and the North Pole sit atop the Earth, they should receive more sunlight than anywhere else on Earth, destroying any notion of polar ice caps. Sunlight translates to heat, regardless of where it is found. Lastly, considering that Greenland was named Greenland because it was once green, the argument that its location atop the Earth is somehow responsible for its ice age-like climate is ultimately null and void.” We have no idea where he is going with this attempt at reasoning. Neither, it seems, does he. The Ice Age movies, though, are nefarious CIA propaganda.
-       Alex Jones is a government agent tasked with deflecting our attention from the real conspiracies.

As for his claim to be the messiah, it is described in some detail here (definitely worth a read). A brief excerpt to give you the gist: “Although Jesus Christ allegedly existed 2,000+ years ago, he holds the title of Messiah and has been deemed the Savior’ of mankind. The reality is that mankind didn’t need a Savior back then like they do now. Therefore, the story of Jesus depicted in the Holy Bible is the story of the future Messiah which has now been identified as David Chase Taylor. Aside from all the physical traits and similarities, the trials and tribulations suffered by Jesus are reflected in the life of David Chase Taylor. That is to say that the persecution allegedly suffered by Jesus has been inflicted upon Taylor tenfold who has been subjected to unspeakable tortures and persecution over the last 7-years in his quest to save humanity from extinction.” You think that verges on crazy? You haven’t seen the beginning of it before you get to the parts about the Mayan calendar, his cat, the Obama–666 connection and his very lengthy description of his own physical appearance. Apparently he decided to reveal his identity because, well, we’ll let him explain: “After months of deliberation and with great trepidation, I begrudgingly announce that I am the so-called Messiah. I do not reveal this for fame or gain but rather out of self-preservation for it’s far less likely that the Geneva-based CIA will assassinate me prior to the end of the Maya Calendar in 2017 once I announce that I am the Messiah.” 

Pam Schuffert is apparently a fan.

Diagnosis: Again, we may be subject to criticism for covering people like David Chase Taylor here, but he’s become sort of a legend, and he does, in fact, have fans who actually think he’s onto something. Probably mostly harmless to anyone but himself, though. 

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  1. When they find this character, they need to sit it down and ask it why its LOVING? God allowed all these innocent God-fearing Christians to die due to the Covid crisis. Of course it will be one of those, "oh, he works in mysterious ways" or "he has a plan" or the favorite, "he's testing you and never gives you too much on your plate." Yeah, ask Jesus this question whey they find him.