Wednesday, April 29, 2020

#2331: Sandra Ann Taylor

No woo like quantum woo. Now, lots of promoters of woo like to throw around scientific or scientific-sounding terminology, unconcerned with and usually oblivious to what the terms actually mean. The most oblivious and helpless attempts are those – and there are plenty – that invoke “quantum”, a term usually thrown out in connection with other words in a manner that scientists who actually understand quantum physics would probably perceive as more or less random. A good case in point is Sandra Ann Taylor’s book Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness. What the phrase “quantum success” could possibly really mean is hardly the point here, and the book has as little to do with quantum physics as it has to do with science (or astounding), or as it is actually useful for achieving any kind of success whatsoever. Yes, it is simply The Secret fan fiction all over again, and The Secret, as you probably know, is more or less just the New Age variant of the prosperity gospel. Taylor has also written the book Secrets of Success: The Science and Spirit of Real Prosperity, the title of which sort of gives the game away. 

Now, according to Taylor fan Laura Lee, “[Taylor]’s formula for abundant living is actually based in the principles of quantum physics, and you can actually tap in to these powerful forces to make your dreams come true.” Taylor’s “formula” is of course not based on quantum physics, but Laura Lee is a New Age talkshow host and knows no more about quantum physics than does Taylor. According to Taylor’s website, the book has been called “the real science of consciousness creation,” though she doesn’t give any references for the claim; apparently it has also “been applauded by scientists, businessmen, and worldwide leaders in the field of consciousness dynamics for being the first book of its kind to connect success and achievement to the science of personal energy patterns.” The claim that “scientists” have applauded the book is made somewhat less impressive by the mention of “the science of personal energy pattern”, which demonstrates that Taylor does not have the faintest idea what the difference between science and making shit up as you go could possibly.

These are not Taylor’s only books about quantum something, however; she has also written Your Quantum Breakthrough Code: The Simple Technique that Brings Everlasting Joy and Success, which sounds a little bit like a spam email title, just dumber, and her website also offers THE QUANTUM ORACLE, a “53-Card Deck and Guidebook” – if you purchase it, you will also “receive exclusive access to a group reading call with ME!”, which at least shows that she taps into parts of quantum physics you won’t learn about in close-minded university courses. And her claimed areas of expertise are not limited to quantum whatever; her books also include The Akashic Records Made Easy (the Akashic records, for those not in the know about New Age mythology, are an alleged compendium of all knowledge, existing in the non-physical plane – yes: a spirit library, and you can access it for a meager fee or through special prayers; various theosophy writers claim to have read it all with interestingly contradictory results), The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives: Revealing Your Encoded Consciousness and 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life (no, “magnetic” probably doesn’t mean magnetic; otherwise its hard to imagine why you would want to achieve what the book promises), as well as Secrets of Attraction – The Universal Laws of Love, Sex, and RomanceThe Truth About Attraction: Sorting Out the Lies from the Laws (yes, Badger’s Law and Truth, Triumph and Transformation: Sorting Out the Fact from the Fiction in Universal Law, which promises something that Taylor seems exceptionally poorly positioned to provide. Her website also offers the Act to Attractworkbook and journal. Taylor even has a radio show, Living Your Quantum Success, on Hay House Radio.

Taylor is one of the Starbringer Associates. Her colleague and coauthor of Secrets of Success is Sharon Anne Klingler, author of such books as Advanced Spirit Communication and Public MediumshipThe Magic of Gemstones and ColorsIntuition and Beyond: A Step-by-Step Approach to Discovering Your Inner VoiceLife with Spirit and Power Words: Igniting Your Life with Lightning Force (sounds like a bad idea), as well as the Speaking to Spirit workbook and cds; together, Taylor and Klingler have also produced an Akashic Tarot set of cards. 

Diagnosis: Firmly dedicated to dumbing down humanity as much as possible through pastel colors, fluff and magic handwaving. And though it might seem hard to grasp how people could actually fall for this nonsense, Taylor’s books do seem to have been somewhat successful. 

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