Monday, April 27, 2020

#2330: Roy Taylor

No, he is probably not much more than a deranged lunatic with web access, but Roy Taylor, of something called Roy Taylor Ministries, is one of those people who help make the Internet such a fascinating place. Taylor is a conspiracy theorist whose general theme appears to be impending Armageddon, and he seems to see the signs everywhere. His webpage is here.

So for instance, according to Taylor, “[b]oth Russian sources and US military have confirmed a huge military tunnel beneath the BERING STRAIT, linking SIBERIA with ALASKA. No, it was not DUG out, but BORED OUT using nuclear power that melted it’s way through solid rock, six miles a day.” Some readers might have expected a reference to these confirmations, but Taylor isn’t concerned with such details (turns out the source is Pam Schuffert, of course); instead, he cites Bible verses that, with interpretive help from Taylor, might be given an ominous slant – “knowing the scriptures as I do I know that the Kings of the East and their vast armies will come to America from out of the North to participate in the last battle of God Almighty. These armies will come to America from Asia and from the Middle East. These armies of the Kings of the East will travel like a train across Russia and Siberia to the Bering Strait. They will then travel under the Bering Strait by way of the existing Bering Strait Tunnel into Alaska (North America). The Bible says that these heathen armies will continue on down through Canada and into America (the Zion of Bible Prophecy) where they will be destroyed.” He backs up the idea in part by an email he received from an unknown source (possibly spam), according to which “AMERICA WILL BE DIVIDED LIKE A PIE AND GIVEN AWAY TO THE HEATHEN PIECE BY PIECE,” which is scary since “[t]his is exactly what the prophetic song ‘American Pie’ says” (it really isn’t.)

Taylor’s main project, however, seems to be something called “Global Warming and the Sixth Angel”. Precisely what it involves is somewhat hard to determine (you can try yourself here), but the premise is that although “[m]illions of people believe that there is a definite climate change going on but they cannot agree on what is causing it. Some scientists believe that it is just a natural occurring weather cycle and these same people most certainly do not know why it is happening.” Or put differently: since Taylor doesn’t know and cannot be bothered to find out, then no one knows. But it is certainly a conspiracy, and it has to do with the UN, “which is in opposition to Christianity” and largely controlled by “Russia, and China (Kings of the East), which are declared enemies, of Christianity” – this is why “[n]o mention of Jesus Christ is allowed in the United Nations,” for instance (bet you didn’t know that!). And at present, “the only thing that would stop the anti-Christians, from eventually attacking America, would be our surrender, and our acceptance, of rule by the Red World Government controlled by the Red-Jews [but of course]. Their goal is world rule (Note that they want to come out of the shadows), they have worked at it for centuries, they have stated, that they will make no compromise in their goal, and they claim Marx, and Lenin, as their guide.” The global warming connection appears to have been lost along the way here, but Taylor has a lot of material organized somewhat confusingly, so we might have missed something. But here you can at least read about “The Days of the Son-of-Man, The Armies of God, and UFO’s,” which is a “Bible study project” that “will explain what UFO’s are, where they come from, and what they are here for.” It’s a fascinating collection of youtube clips and free use of imagination, but part of the point is to counter the idea that UFOs are somehow Satanic; indeed, we “believe the attempt by false prophets in the mainstream church to convince the world that Satan is at the helm of the UFO phenomenon will add great weight to that deception.” Taylor seems to have an unusual understanding of “mainstream”. 

Diagnosis: Mostly harmless fun and fluff and color. There seems to be enough of these people around to have a real effect on elections, however, which tarnishes one’s enjoyment of sites like Taylor’s a little.


  1. This guy's rants remind me of a movie, made decades ago, where the communists and Americans were making tunnels towards each other, I think they used lasers.

  2. I claim Marx as one of MY guides! Groucho was ALWAYS fast with a good line!