Tuesday, December 8, 2020

#2416: Buster Wilson

Buster Wilson used to be the general manager of the American Family Association’s radio network and host of the program “AFA Today. Precisely what he is up to these days is less clear (as is why he suddenly left the AFA), but he seems to be running a blog – in any case, he managed to produce a remarkable amount of hateful bullshit during his time at the AFA.


Anti-gay efforts

More than anything else, Wilson was known as a virulent opponent to gay rights and gay marriage – gay marriage, if made legal, would of course lead to legal approval of marriages to buildings, cars and dogs (Wilson’s inability to draw relevant distinctions should be duly noted; and here is an example of how he does research.)


But of course, Wilson is the victim in this “controversy”, and supporters of gay rights and marriage equality – apparently they consider themselves “wiser” than God – are the most hateful and mean people in the land: Christians in America may soon face imprisonment and death over their views on homosexuality, a claim that probably tells you more about what Wilson would really like to do with those who disagree with him than about supporters of marriage equality. To illustrate how mean and unfair gay rights supporters are, Wilson claimed thatI never see them digging for dirt on Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, etc. They only dig for the dirt on the evangelical Christians like us.” If only they had been civil, then “maybe, just maybe we could reach some kind of understanding”; the only thing Wilson would be unwilling to compromise on, if only the debate were civil, is the fact that homosexuality is a Satanic sin that must be banned. He has also called on media networks to fire (“clean their stables of”) their (“hateful”) homosexual employees and critics of religious fundamentalists. Note that hos own network’s most popular host is Bryan Fischer.


As for the 2012 AFA’s campaign to have JC Penney fire Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson, Wilson and Fred Jackson explained that DeGeneres needed to be fired not because she is hateful but because she “wholesome”; DeGeneres is particularly “dangerous” because she is just so darn nice. The lack of civility was, in other words, not really the core issue, was it?


There is, as Wilson sees it, really no end to what ills recognizing gay rights will lead to. Repeal of DADT in the military will, as Wilson saw it, already have led to a massive increase in suicides. And indeed, from the perspective of 2013, the U.S. may even disappear if the country approves marriage equality for gays and lesbians: after all, “nations in history’s past” that allowed same-sex marriage “no longer exist,” which means that “it is a nation-killing issue” (that the nations that didn’t outlaw homosexuality back in Antiquity tend not to exist either is not relevant.) Responding to a gallup poll on the number of people who openly identify as LGBT, Wilson claimed that the gay community is attempting to “redefine all of life” and undermine the freedom of speech and religion (he was vaguer on the alleged mechanisms at work). Allowing gay people in the boy scouts, meanwhile, will lead not only to abuse and suicides, but cause God torain down destruction” on America as he did to Sodom.


Responding to the fact that the AFA has taken a rather inconsistent view of boycotts – boycotting a long list of companies themselves for extending benefits to same-sex couples and not firing LGBT people just for being LGBT, while at the same time criticizing boycotts of anti-gay organizations as un-American – Wilson tried to justify the position by claiming that anti-gay organizations are “neutral” in the culture wars, as opposed to companies that are backing “the pro-homosexual movement”.



Wilson was no fan of Obama, and in 2012 he declared that God would “curse” America for re-electing him due to his support for gay rights, healthcare reform and alleged mistreatment of Israel. He also pushed a delusional conspiracy theory that the Obama administration (which is/was “part of the Antichrist spirit) is planning for a civil war and building military units that are “the President’s version of the Brownshirts,” in order to round up Christians and put them in FEMA concentration camps. In response to criticism, Wilson claimed that he was proven right because the Department of Homeland Security has access to “riot gear for the presidential conventions and inauguration,” which is … not quite the same as establishing a personal brownshirts army. Elsewhere, Wilson has claimed that the government has been seeking to make ammunition unavailable to gun owners, and that Obama might take guns away from anti-gay activists like himself. He didn’t bother to try to offer any evidence for that claim, but he did say that he remained “neutral” on whether it is appropriate for someone “to shoot down United States Marshals when they come to take our weapons.”


Later, Wilson pushed the conspiracy theory that the government would eventually classify Christians as mentally ill in order to “get us out of the picturesince they “hate” Christians.



Also in 2012, Wilson warned that the European Union is setting the stage for the emergence of the Antichrist. According to Wilson, the EU is (or was) poised to abolish the member states and institute a single, dictatorial ruler, who he believes may be the Antichrist, since that’s just how these things work.


Weighing in on the imaginary War on Christmas, Wilson’s position is that Christians are currently being forced not to celebrate Christmas. Given the war’s imaginary nature, you can of course construe it whatever way you want, and Wilson is not going to miss the opportunity to do the silliest spin possible.


As for school shootings, Wilson takes the predictably and infinitely idiotic position that guns are not the problem; lack of mandatory school prayer is the problem – this in response to a caller who stated that he owns an AR-15 assault rifle, hates President Obama and warned that the government is turning him into a vigilante and that “when the bullets start flying, well, I got plenty of bullets;” Wilson answered that “those were the kind of sentiments” that were expressed by the Founding Fathers leading up to the Revolutionary War. They were not.


Diagnosis: Silly, confused and hateful conspiracy theorist. He seems to be out of the picture, however. One almost feels a bit sorry for him.

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