Monday, January 18, 2021

#2430: Ryan Wyatt

No, we really cannot be bothered to write up an entry on Samuel “Joe the plumber” Wurzelbacher (who is not a plumber and whose name is not “Joe”), despite the profound stupidity, nonsense and many ridiculous conspiracy theories he’s been known to be pushing. 


Ryan Wyatt is at least not quite as boring. Wyatt is pastor of Abiding Glory Church, a staunch dominionist, and a proponent of what he calls “Governmental Dominion.” During a Spiritual Warfare conference at Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries, Wyatt explained the position, calling on his followers to “infiltrate” the “seven mountainsof influence, especially the government mountain, in order to attain “preparatory dominion” for the return of Jesus. Jesus won’t come back, said Wyatt, until God sees that there is a “mature, overcoming bride” who is “operating at the same level” as Jesus (yes, you are allowed to speculate wildly about other aspects of Wyatt’s work and personal life on the basis of his choice of metaphor). When there is such a bride, however, not only will Jesus return, but Christians “will work with Jesus to rule and reign.” In Wyatt’s dreams, “we are to rule, reign, govern, expand, advance and establish the government of God on the earth” since “this is about world domination.” 


He has apparently also written a book, School of the Supernatural: Live the Supernatural Life That God Created You to Live. It does not, contrary to what the title suggest, seem to be a New Age-inspired kids show on the Cartoon Network. Otherwise, Wyatt occasionally goes into trances (“[a] trance is like a Holy Ghost anesthesia”) to receive commands and prophecies.

Diagnosis: It is, admittedly, difficult to separate the literal from the metaphorical when people like this are talking, but there is little doubt that Wyatt is a firm dominionist and a representative of the belligerent arm of the American Taliban. Not a central figure, perhaps, but worth watching.

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