Monday, January 3, 2022

#2506: Charla Bansley

Charla Bansley is an Adjunct Faculty for strategic communication and direct marketing classes at Liberty University, on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors, and an at least one-time contributor to the WND. In 2015, Bansley penned a column asserting that then-governor Mike Pence was the “Martin Luther King Jr. of 2015” because he was “courageously defending the bakers, photographers, florists, ministers, county clerks, and owners of wedding venues” from oppression from gay rights activists with the Indiana version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which she claimed erroneously to be more or less equivalent to other RFRAs. (That MLK was arguing, you know, against the rights of businesses to discriminate against people goes unnoticed by people like Bansley.) She also called for Christians to turn Indianapolis into the new Ferguson.


An anti-gay activist, Bansley has also been the Maine director of Concerned Women for America and has helped organize anti-gay-marriage rallies for the National Organization for Marriage. “We must understand that the enemy will never accept defeat in their effort to destroy the family as God designed” or corrupt our children with pro-gay propaganda, said Bansley. As a spokesperson for Liberty Counsel, Bansley was also an important supporter for Kim Davis in her legal battles.


Diagnosis: So not the most flamboyant anti-gay activist, perhaps, and ultimately not a major figure; but then again: these loons are the ones that actually lead the footwork in the fight against decendy, freedom and fairness in the US. She’s probably kind and caring and polite at a personal level, but that is not enough to make her a good person.


  1. Guess the school doesn't understand the meaning of liberty.
    Maybe rename the Lieberty School and earn a BS degree (not to be confused with a BSc)

  2. Happy new year! It's amazing that this site is still growing. Well done. 🙂